Social Media Harassment & the Stalker


by social media and today I still do not fully understand why it was done this way and my only thought is that a competitor or two wanted to totally destroy me.

i don’t think I deserved the hammering I got or to lose so much money £10k plus. It was very cruel.

Even today, July 2018, he is still spying on me  The Police have told him to stop, I still get entries on my GA which tell me he hasn’t.

I was hoping to reduce my antidepressants but instead have increased them to  Citalopram 40g.

it will now take well over a year to come off them as you can only do so very slowly or suffer bad side effects.


October 2017 this video shows what happened when I went to ask my stalker why he was doing this

John Horner then reported the above visit to the police as harassment as I had no reason to be there  – yes I did to stop it

How’ did he know I was in Shetland, how did he know about my house in Leeds (sold in 2013) or my parents house or my van

more importantly why does he know about all this

i even wrote to POlice conduct

All they said was contact Richmond police  Where is my protection – 8 years of this and Lizzie Shepherd photography started this

the only way forward for Me is to change my name – to escape this – it’s a nightmare

No one believes me, no one can stop it, no one will help me

all this for a technical sentence?

as a last resort as I am now being treated as a suspect by the police as well as having an online stalker for 7 years, I contacted the top boss and commissioner of North Yorkshire Police.

As JH is a computer expert and hides his IP address through things like DuckDuckGo and may have location devices on me who knows


A normal busy day, a year ago, booking hotels, working hard at marketing, updating my website (now there’s a clue), looking for ideas, paraphrasing, trying to get my brain to work, wondering what I was doing wrong, I’m working at top speed, thinking at top speed, booking workshops, looking for new areas, with a passion

then BAM felt as though I had slammed into a brick wall, I felt sick

everything was taken away from me in one day


everything, work, social, business, everything and I did not know it was happening at the time

and it didn’t stop for 11 months and I don’t know if it has stopped now

imagine a peeping tom for 11 months, can you be sure he’s not going to pop up again, my google analytics tells me he’s still there

it’s been a really tough year – I lost about £10,000, I’d just bought a good new projector and screen, car, lenses, had been on a printing course to upgrade my skills, then I had to unbook hotels, with cancellation fees etc etc

The people above seem to find the this loss amusing.

So there’s me going to te doc re my ankle and somehow it got round to the horrible attack on me, my website, cyber stalker and anon troll and just in floods of tears, wanting to come off my antidepressants but doc telling me I mustn’t, not at the moment.

and if you can’t stand being named and shamed you shouldn’t have done it especially as I kept asking on the day for you to stop. I must have asked at least 50 times for you to stop.

I had been in business longer than both Digital Swaledale and Lizzie Shepherd and I still don’t fully understand why they did this publically on social media because this just cannot just be just about a sentence

And as soon as I was out of my workshop areas guess who moved in – Lizzie Shepherd.

I no longer run landscape photography workshops. Part of the reason is here on top of having cared for my Dad and his dementia for 5 years and a village who constantly tried to change his social care plans I had put in place. It’s enough stress for a lifetime thank you.

Most of these names have been winners of the Landscape Photographer of the Year/Take A View Competition LPOTY

I have asked a few of these people what this was all about and why. All I get are ‘funny’ face palm pictures and avoidance or running away which Is really bizarre as most of these photographers are over 50 years old.  The whole thing has been totally one sided

Many of these names run photography workshop companies and they all broke the Data Protection Act. Even though my name was not mentioned they provided enough information online for me to be identified, even down to making anagrams of my name.

It galls me to say it now but that day I had been looking for inspiration, ie how can I say that in my own words, doubt anyone would believe me now and no one gave me the chance at the time as the damage was done before anyone contacted me.

ive reached that part of life where I have no family, that’s not self pity, it’s just the way it is so no help if I run out of money   I don’t mind I can always send Daisy out to work 😉

February 2017 I was reported to Richmond Police.

July 2015

Lizzie Shepherd  Harrassment  from LShepherd Photography – LPOTY winner category 2015, Mark Littlejohn (EX COPPER) LPOTY 2014, John Horner, Kirsten Berg, Guy Aubertin, Doug Chinnery, Sean Goswell, Goproexplorephoto, Robin Hudson, Digital Swaledale

Lizzie Shepherd started the harassment on Facebook. She had been told a sentence had something to do with me but she did not contact me until 6 hours later.

During this 6 hours, she teased and had some fun with the ‘establishment’ and by sly encouragement ie posting enough information online for people to google, she had revealed who I was.

Read the rest here.

The correct term is virtual mobbing or dogpiling and I think dogpiling is the most appropriate word.

As for John Horner who was the instigator behind all this, I have no idea why he has done this or why he has such an unhealthy obsession with me.

Read the rest here

August 2015.

Lizzie Shepherd and John Horner (Digital Swaledale) try to get my LRPS taken away from me. They then try to close my websites down. All on my birthday as it happens.

November 2015.

Lizzie Shepherd tries again to get my LRPS taken away from me.

December 2015.

New Years Eve harassment on twitter set off by fake account Joescally53. This involved Lizzie Shepherd Photography, Valda Bailey, Sean Goswell, Karl M Photo, Breenster.

This was my Dad’s birthday and I found this particularly cruel as he only died just over 3 years ago.

January 2016.

@joescally53 hacked into my email address

February 2016.  

Thanks to Lizzie Shepherd  I now have a permanent website stalker.

March 2016.

And so into March with Joescally53,  and my website stalker – 8 months now,

Old Facebook account hacked into by cyber stalker and which I have now deactivated.

April 2016.

Cyber stalker anonymous troll #joescally53 has woken up again still spying on me so 9 months now

May 2016.

Cyber stalker anonymous troll #joescally53 has woken up again still spying on me. 

My Twitter account compromised.

Started receiving notifications from a more recent FB account which I had deactivated, now given a very long password and deactivated again.

My business page on Facebook has been hacked. 

June 2016.

Someone hacked into a deactivated Facebook account and my cyber spy has increased their activity again.

July 2016

My cyber peeping Tom (not set/Richmond) is getting quite regular again up to 60 hits a day, wonder if they are trying to hack in like they did my other sites?

August 2016

from @brackett1 “ohh looks like I’ve got a Troll. How exciting. I’ve nothing to say to your face, go and play with someone else.” just because I followed him on Twitter

Lizzie Shepherd @brackett1 oh dear – I’m sorry Rob – I suspect I know to whom you refer – I’m afraid I can’t do much about their behaviour:(

Lizzie Shepherd – ‏@LShepherdPhoto@brackett1 thx Rob – best ignored – I’ve been getting this nonsense for over a year now – as have a few others…

I can’t work out if these people are naive about using Twitter preferring to use it as a messenger app (which is not public) or if they are just being plain nasty.

I owe a big thank you to folk at Cowbar Staithes who kept checking up on me as last year I was so distressed I was ready to jump off cliffs.

They were bloody annoying offering me water, coffee, someone to talk to, they wouldn’t leave me alone, I felt human again, the moment passed.

So I’m nearly 60

i now have an ongoing incident number with Lincolnshire Police.

Although posts about me are still on Twitter forever more I, apparently, am advised not to talk about my experience even though I was very close to jumping off a cliff. Sounds really silly now but I had lost everything I loved doing.

I was so enjoying my workshops, it would have been a great transition into retirement but bam! it has been forced on me. I cried when I asked Photium to take Fotodayz off the web.

If all that was over a sentence a bit OTT if you ask me, so what was it really about?

lol if that was OTT then

February 2017 I was reported to Richmond Police

March 2017 And he’s still there everyday monitoring me

April 2017 as above

May 2017 as above not everyday but he’s still there

I could not get help from the police nor social media yet the abusers get it!

i didn’t have much but have totally lost my faith in humanity and the police.

July 2017 this woman attacked me out of the blue, I lost 10k, had to close my business and this is what she says

Replying to @RKphotographic and @AAPhoto1974
thx Rob – a very sad, even ill, individual I’m afraid. You’d think after 2 yrs they might change the record but I guess not ;( best ignored