Gangstalking Timeline

A total stranger ———-> manipulates gang -> Lizzie Shepherd Photography Chose Abuse 2016

——-——> manipulates another gang -> Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca Sightings -> first arrest by Hugh Harrop I was charged with sharing FB page

——-——> manipulates another gang – fake accounts “ police brigade” encouraging folk to contact the police

————-> manipulates another gang -> Margaret Meek Kinlochbervie falsely accuses me tries to frame me with criminal offence which I had nothing to do with

———-> manipulates another gang —> Ullapool Sea Savers @SaversSea accuse me Noel Hawkins tries to get me charged for harassment and abuse of children, tries to get me sectioned and arrested.

————> Jan 2023 arrested second time by Hugh Harrop who wanted confirmation of my email. Stripped, searched, holding cell for 19 hours. Had to make my way back and hope my motorhome was in one piece.

————-> May 2023 (link) manipulates another gang with Geoff Starkie, Whale and Dolphin project stuff – Ruth Davey (Watts- yes that one who was told over 3 years ago to stop interfering in my life) on FB encouraging people to report me to the police again. Stealing my photos again. People protecting the fake profiles. Trying to gaslight and promote “mental health” issues as before to try and get me arrested and sectioned. All done to shut a woman up. I’m not “allowed” to state all the people and organisations below and more gatekeep sightings, information and only certain people can see it. Never had any issues with RSPB Scotland RSPBEngland RSPBOrkney but they do not reply to general query 27/4/2023. Do not have a working complaints system.

what’s next?


For the 6th year I have been blocked and banned by these people and organisations with no reasons given. I have offered solutions, resolutions, negotiations to try and resolve this but have been stonewalled every time and constantly reported to the police. The gang have even contacted John O Groats ferry to ban me.

Hugh Harrop (Shetland Wildlife), Steve Truluck, Noel Hawkins, Janis Piggott (Patterson), Tim Stenton, Cath Bain, Karen Hall, Karen Munro, Gary Buchan, Andy Lawson, Donna Suzanne Hopton, Steve Dodd, Kim Tedcastle, Sam Tedcastle, Christy Teal, Harry Clark, Juliet Maxted, Emma Neave-Webb, Andy Knight and lots more

Blocked from: Orkney Cetacean Group, St Cyrus Whalewatching group, Caithness & Moray sightings, Aberdeenshire Angus to fife ness marine mammal sightings, Hebrides and NW sightings page, Seawatch Foundation, Nature Scot, Orca Web, Rarebirdalert, Sumburgh Head Visitor Centre, John O Groats Ferry, Forth Marine Mammals, OrcaWatch, Steve Truluck at Sea, BDMLR Orkney, RSPB England, RSPB Scotland, OrkneyMMRI possibly more. RSPB now send blank emails when I asked for information 27/4/2023.

The gang have even started influencing shops to ban me – Ullapool Bookshop for one.

Gangstalking Timeline

Been arrested twice by Hugh Harrop (Shetland Wildlife) who I have apologised to many times, and tried to resolve this but he ignored this and constantly called the police on me with more arrests. January 2023 Searched, stripped down (you are stripped to one layer while you are waiting to be booked in in the public area with all male officers milling around) and 19 hours in a holding cell -first time for sharing a post on FB, asking why I was blocked and second time he wanted to know my email address – all trivial issues.

“Death by a thousand cuts”