Healthy communication blocked.

These companies stated are treating social media as personal accounts not as accounts representing their business. I feel it reflects badly on these businesses , giving an impression of snowflake organisations that are not robust enough to communicate in a healthy way (Sumburgh Head, Shetland organisations, SNH, John O Groats ferry and any others listed)

Sumburgh Head is a public amenity yet I have been blocked without explanation and I feel Shetland Amenity is failing in its duty as a public organisation. Surely a public organisation has a defined complaints procedure that any member of the public can go through. Not so with me, a visitor and member of the public. 

Nor do I know what is being advertised as I am blocked from their main source of publicity, social media. The Sumburgh Head social media account is being treated as a personal account also and I feel, is not representative of its business, which is to advertise events and promote Shetland. 
I have not had any dispute with Shetland Amenity or Sumburgh Head so why? 

Surely these organisations should be fair and equally accessible to everyone.  Surely they are trained in complaints procedures to bring about a fair outcome for everyone. 

SNH is again a public organisation but I cannot ask for information from a member of their staff. Why? Why have I not been afforded a complaints procedure in order to put things right. Why can I not ask why they are doing this, what has been said as I have no idea. 

As you can see the same thing with SNH and their employees. Francesca knew Karen Hall, SNH Marine Mammal Advisor had blocked me, no explanation but instead of being able, as a member of public, to ask for information from Karen, Francesca forwarded information from Karen to me. Is that the role of a CEO? 

Surely I should be able to contact Karen as a member of the public and ask for information – is that not her job? Again I have had no disagreement with Karen Hall and if she thinks I have, I would like actual proof. Again, Surely these organisations should be fair and equally accessible to everyone not knee jerk reacting to rumourmongering from a Shetland individual. Surely they are trained in complaints procedures to bring about a fair outcome for everyone. 

I was also blocked totally from the whole of SNH, again why, and could not access their complaints procedure- is that legal?

Even John o Groats Ferry blocked without explanation so I can’t use their services because I commented on a photo. No journey to Orkney then. I have not had any disagreement with the ferry so why?

I’ve not had any disagreements with organisations in Orkney but again they refuse to communicate. 

These companies are treating social media as personal accounts not as accounts representing their business. For eg Karen Hall states she works for SNH but all views are her own. Is this her professional SNH account or her personal account. She posts SNH material which is for public view but as she has blocked folk from her account it can’t be seen. Can she then post a controversial post opposing SNH on the same account claiming views are my own. In effect she would be damning her employers. Her CEO allows her to block people as a representative of SNH Shetland, there is no other way of accessing this SNH material. 

The staff at SNH who operate the social media keep blocking me and I have to contact the CEO, who now gets it, to unblock me. Yet she cannot persuade her staff to use social media as it should be used – an account for professional work and an account for personal use and not to confuse the two. 

Using business accounts as personal accounts also reflects badly on the business, giving an impression of a snowflake organisation that is not robust enough to discuss and communicate in a healthy way (Sumburgh Head, Shetland organisations, SNH) and allows it’s staff to use social media in an ambiguous way. 

It’s all getting a bit surreal. It’s getting clear that these organisations want to stop me from seeing, socialising with any Scottish wildlife organisation for the rest of my life which is rather upsetting. 

Shetland people, warm hearted? I have found they refuse to healthily communicate, to have healthy discussions, to find solutions to problems, to give second chances. Any reasonable person would be able to talk, compromise, find a suitable outcome but no. 

Every time I have tried to move on, to follow my interests, they search and find me, tell lies to whichever group I have joined and I am removed – no explanation, no discussion. Why?

Most people are generous and give second chances, none of these organisations are even giving me a first chance – why? If I do not know what I have done, how can I rectify it. 

They play amateur psychologist, amateur judge and jury for the whole of Shetland, declaring I am evil, guilty of everything, not worthy to see the wildlife of Shetland or even be in Shetland. 

Of course they are going to deny it, that’s what abusers do. 

This is more than social media abuse, this is stopping me from living my life as a normal person. I cannot disclose where I am and what I am doing, they even contacted my van repair company which has nothing to do with them. I cannot reveal if I have friends as they have contacted people I reply to on social media so I avoid making it known who I talk to. These people are trying to control my life and I am trying desperately not to let them. The police just say this is social media stuff but to me it feels like abuse and it sounds like abuse. If this was domestic emotional abuse, I could get help. I am stuck in a box, I cannot use the Internet, I cannot have interests or hobbies or join in interesting events as most have an internet presence , I cannot socialise properly, it is affecting my physical and mental health. I’m not me anymore and I hate what they have done to me. 

These are people who are contacting my ex employers, I’m 60, contacting any organisation in which I have a qualification and consistently try and get my qualifications taken off me. Even my Labour membership which obviously has nothing to do with wildlife. 

I have been willing to communicate but part of their abuse is their total silence. How can you get past that?

Who are these people? They are strangers who are taking great pleasure in destroying any normal life I could have. They pursue me, they pursue me to such distress, I tried to commit suicide, and still they pursue me and interfere with my life. They won’t stop. 

These people, these warm people of Shetland, these people, it’s all in here: