Letter to the charities

To all
I have had a smear campaign for the last 5 years directed against me on social media and other platforms by volunteers and strangers connected with the whale and dolphin community especially the orca community. 

The charities involved are:

Orca web


Seawatch Foundation UK

specifically Orcawatch

I reported you all to the charity commission as I believe you have treated me unfairly and cannot provide me with proof of your allegations against me. But no one regulates you from this apparently but you are flagged on their system now. 

I worked for the RSPB as their top recruiter, I have run my own landscape photography business, I have worked in IT and sales, in professional environments and your allegations just do not fit with who I am hence I would like to see your proof.  

I am being stonewalled by the majority of these companies and their events/courses but they will not tell me why nor provide proof of their allegations. They refuse to communicate with me and I consider this to be unreasonable and abusive behaviour to me, a member of the general public. 

I have also been stonewalled and ostracised by fellow volunteers for no apparent reason and who refuse to communicate. When escalating this to the CEOs I have been ignored. I feel this is unreasonable and abusive behaviour.

I have not been abusive to Hugh Harrop or his family or his business yet you are citing this as a reason against me. You should know that I have tried to talk to Hugh Harrop many times but he refuses to communicate with me. 

I am allowed to hold an opinion that I think Shetland needs a neutral sightings system such as BirdGuides or rare bird alert for cetaceans rather than being controlled by one man. 

The posts on social media you have received about me which were libellous, were sent to you deliberately to smear me and get me kicked off courses and out of groups all over the UK. Mostly sent by people I do not know. 

I now cannot join the majority of the UK whale and dolphin groups in the UK and have been permanently banned from Orcawatch FB page which is where the action is, but again no proof has been given me. 

These abusers have set up a screenshot program which captures anything I post on the internet and have interfered in my life contacting ex employers ie RSPB and EWT. Continually posting libellous comments to BDLMR. 

You need to read this: http://yorkshirelandscapephotography.com/hugh-harrop-shetland-orca-sightings/

It is a great shame your organisations get away with behaviour like this as these charities are supposed to be for everyone. And all I wanted to do was watch orcas and socialise with like minded people. 

I cannot stop this smear campaign against me, it is very distressing. 

will I get a reply?