New Year’s Eve L Shepherd Valda Bailey Sean Goswell

I thought this was particularly cruel given my Dad died 3 and a half years ago and it was his birthday. And these people L Shepherd, Valda Bailey, Sean Goswell, Mark Littlejohn are all adults………

So I was quietly getting drunk watching Jools Holland and thinking of my Dad. He would have been 80 today, bless him. All of a sudden my google analytics went mad. And it was coming from Twitter,which was a real nuisance as I had deactivated my account when I closed my business down.

So who is @joescally53 who posted this. Obviously s/he wanted to remain anonymous and it was set up just for a tweet supposedly from me

I wonder who made it into this new years (dis)honour list? @goswell_sean @tanyards @mark_lj et al all it did was state the new twitter abuse rule.

joescally53 has also been reading my blog and is using that information to tweet.
Mark Gould: @mark_lj @tanyards @JoeScally53 @goswell_sean @LShepherdPhoto wow, is dorcas a real name?!

really Mark, not read Dickens then?

@breenster: @mark_lj @tanyards @JoeScally53 @goswell_sean @LShepherdPhoto She cannot be still gong on about stuff?

Oh so you didn’t know Lizzie tried for the second time in November to try and get my LRPS taken off me

@david_hopley: @KarlMPhoto @LShepherdPhoto @goswell_sean @mark_lj @tanyards has her Twitter account been hacked or is this for real?!

and it wasn’t me, get your facts right!

Valda Bailey – ‏@tanyards: @JoeScally53 @goswell_sean @mark_lj *sigh* does she never give up? HNY chaps. Let2016 be the year we forget DE @LShepherdPhoto

*sigh* get your facts right Valda

1h1 hour ago likewise all! Happy to be associated with lovely folk who know the meaning of truth and irony!

Guess what Karl it wasn’t me, looks like you are doing the trolling!

funny how the most viewed in analytics is in richmond

31 Dec 2015Matthew 6:13 ‘And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.’ and he’s given himself away because he always quotes from the bible after stirring it, don’t you John Horner.

so you need to go read this post on digital swaledale cos I don’t know this guy, never met him

and then read this in which he continued to stir

And you all know by now I take pictures of your tweets!

and I have deactivated my Twitter account yet again and do not have any other accounts on Twitter.