My wish list for 2020

I am a member of public, he runs a tour company. I have never been employed by him nor been on one of his tours. I have apologised a lot to Hugh Harrop and he knows this. 

A compromise as I mentioned to him in my email, roll everything back but it seems he doesn’t understand this so this is what it means:

  • the last 5 years back – obv. not going to happen. 
  • pay for therapy for depression, anxiety and PTSDdamages for emotional distress – 
  • he has to tell people in the orca community and people he knows who have done this on his behalf including John Horner & whoever is on the list in my blog to:- 
  • remove and destroy the screenshot grabber program that grabs anything I put on the internet- 
  • remove any tracking device  
  • remove and destroy all the created websites and pages that defame me 
  • remove and destroy ALL photos you have stolen especially the one of Daisy
  • remove and delete ALL fake profiles, the list is on the blog, from social media and their content 
  • remove ALL defamatory material from social media about me and I can check ie those to ex employers and BDMLR (saying I was a rogue Marine Mammal Medic) 
  • remove all blocks you put in place for FB UK cetacean and wildlife groups named and those I’m not aware of and Orca Watch
  • leave my social media alone, stop reporting me constantly and getting social media lockdowns
  • to be allowed into cetacean sightings groups and WhatsApp as anyone who is interested in cetaceans are ie Orkney
  • I am allowed to pursue my life, interests and hobbies whatever they are without interference from anyone 
  • do not try and get my qualifications taken away from me
  • a restraining order for life on Helen Iliffe-Adsett and John Horner to stay away from interfering in my life on and off the internet 
  • an apology for all the distress you have caused me. 
  • NO MORE late night police visits or calls (Too many to count now)
  • no more intimidation from anyone
  • you do not contact other people or groups wherever I might live 
  • no more ‘alerting’ people about me on and off the internet
  • Karen hall to unblock me so I can follow Shetland cetaceans info 
  • an apology from Tim Stenton and as I asked at the time he removes that post from FB. He needs to remove any fake profiles he may have set up.  
  • no more hacking into any of my social media accounts and gmail 
  • an apology regarding the appalling comments about my parents and Daisy’s death 
  • no more obscene messages
  • And from photography the person to delete his fake profiles notably @bemptonsula and NEVER to interfere in my life again
  • wherever it says in my blog I have been blocked, to unblock me 
  • no more abusive messages on messenger or Facebook or anywhere else
  • no sharing information about my van or registration number to anyone 
  • respect my space, no opening doors of my van without my permission from anyone
  • no more abuse, no more manipulation,
  • no more controlling, no more character assassination, no more online shaming or abuse

In return I will unpublish the FB page but not delete as I may need it. 

If you or anyone else have any issues with me in the future, you talk to me. 

All I want to do is be retired with no interference and to watch wildlife and socialise with like minded people.