Take your blog off, that will solve everything. Why? It’s only a replica of what is stored on the internet forever.

For those people who say I should not have written the blog, you are assuming it would have blown over, been forgotten and everything would return to normal- before the internet that would have been true. 

I now know, me and my business were already being spied on and monitored on the internet every half an hour or so by an individual who is unhealthily obsessed with destroying everything about me.

When I was contacted in 2016 the abuse was already on the internet (6 hours had already gone by), I was already being shunned by the photography community, I was already getting messages on my business website. I couldn’t go online without getting abuse.

I asked many times for it to stop and for things to be removed as the issue had been resolved but no, the lynch mob just kept going. I couldn’t stop it and it didn’t stop. I can still find this abuse, some of it has gone but it will always be there for the rest of my life, affecting my life for the rest of my life.

It does not drop off a server or fade away, it stays on digital storage forever and can be searched.

What to do – never use the internet again, and live in a cave? 

Am I not allowed to record what happened? I mean it’s already online I’ve just put it in order.

Shetland. Again a little spat for which I have apologised many times. And again before the blog asked Tim Stenton to remove the FB post many times. Tim’s name was on WhatsApp and everyone there saw the 3 messages – 2 of which were which island and please I think without looking it up the first was where are they? And these set off complaints from other WhatsApps users. 

Guess who saw Tim’s post and waded in apparently – John Horner-why? And who is this Helen person? Who elected Helen to be judge and jury over a complete stranger ?

Again, forever online, posts deliberately set to defame and discredit me and will affect my life for the rest of my life so again no going back to normal. 

So it’s a record of events. Even if I took it off, the abuse against me is still there forever, I would still have been removed from all orca groups, the events would still have happened as it was a lot of folk scouting groups to get me kicked out. There’s no going back to any normality. 

Oh and I was blocked from a Hebrides and cetacean group recently because I liked a picture of an orca

And as for my FB Page, there is nothing wrong with that. How many other pages have orca in the name. Look at company names Calmac and Calmax. In a business workshop I went to – where do you put a tailor shop, in the middle of other tailors. There were so many people banned from the other page I always wanted my page to be information for us who were banned because I said all along everyone should be able to experience these lovely creatures and learn more about them not just the chosen few. 

You sent the police out because I shared a FB post after you had posted the comment everyone can share