Trying to get a cetacean systematic list for the last 2 years in Shetland

Nature in Shetland – awaiting reply

Shetland BRC – awaiting reply

Sea Watch

Wed:Do you have any records from last year at all from august to the end of the year for Shetland? Please

Fri: Hi Dee, we display recent sightings on our website and the remaining records are in our database. People need to make specific data sharing requests for more in-depth sightings records. Best wishes, Kathy

How can i make a request as there have been no public systematic lists done here since 2003. I just want the last 2 years so I can see what may be about.

no reply from Sea Watch

Sat:I’ve just had a look at your page – cetaceans in Shetland and the last date in there was 1994. It just seems very strange there is no up to date information anywhere.

Kathy: The fact sheet on Shetland cetaceans is to give an overall picture of what species occur and where. However, these do need updating at intervals, and we are planning to update all of these soon. For recent sightings, it is always best to go to the recent sightings pages but you are correct that this doesn’t help if you want an overview for the last year or two. We are planning an overhaul of the website that summarises the status and trends of species over the last year, the last five years, and then beyond. This should address your needs. Our present constraint is funding resources to achieve all these tasks!

Dee: So how can I get the information now please

A PDF will do

I did ask how I could put in a request but got no reply.

Do you really need 10k to pull up Shetland sightings for 2 years, copy and paste into a PDF 😀

In all my time in conservation I’ve never come across so many people unwilling to help.