Ullapool Post Office

Ullapool Post Office 

Ullapool Post Office postmaster himself has said now these are lies as stated by geoffstarkie, he did not report me to the police nor is the ref number anything to do with him.

We will never know the chain of events because somehow this information got from the Post office onto Twitter as did my visit and he also posted on a public Facebook page slagging me off, sorry his identical twin did, the one who was loud about me not getting post when he had agreed to Poste Restante.

They no longer have customer service at their heart, they certainly don’t go the extra mile and do not encourage trust with their service. Poste Restante is a service for anyone wanting to receive mail while on their travels although I am surprised by how few post offices know about this even though it merits quite a page on the post office website. Unfortunately there is no alternative service. Both myself and my mail provider have looked into this over the last few years as we had a phase of opened mail, sorry caught on machinery not the fact I stood opposite a post official who opened someone else’s poste restante. And when she ‘found’ mine it had been opened too.

I would have been sacked if a) I had slagged off a customer on Facebook b) somehow let a post about a police report get onto Twitter and  whereabouts posted on Twitter c) going back on my word: firstly agreeing to have post then saying it was going to be thrown away and d) I wasn’t going to make an effort to rebuild a broken relationship with a customer.

Ullapool Post Office made a very odd personal comment which they have never explained to me why it was used. It was very patronising, bizarre and unprofessional.

They have lost their way. They are a customer facing business and taking advantage of being a monopoly.

They returned my parcel, it had my address on it, nowhere else in ullapool has my address. what a coincidence. Just saying not accusing anyone.