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Ullapool Sea Savers, Ullapoolseasavers @saverssea Noel Hawkins (Shearwater Cruises Ullapool ullapoolqueen @klondyker) replied and posted my confidential email online to the profile Ullapool Sea Savers, posting my home details online (taking photos of my motorhome while I was in Tescos, and posting all over social media as a ‘wanted’ post).. Noel Hawkins, Ullapool Sea Savers shared my private email, email address and confidential information online when I contacted the charity when I clearly stated this email was to remain confidential.  Ullapool Sea Savers, #ullapoolseasavers, Noel Hawkins are encouraging others to report me and my van to them if seen to get me arrested/sectioned since July 2021. Posts saying that “something bad will happen to me” or they will have to “deal with me” . All these accounts  – Noel H, @klondyker, Ullapool Craic, Ullapool Seasavers, Janis Piggott (Patterson) and #ShearwaterCruises #cancelculture #cancelled. I have thousands of screenshots just like these. I have only included a few here to keep this short.  it was effective as every time I park on tarmac in the Highlands I get people gesticulating from cars, vans they are watching me, making sure I see them taking notes of me or on the phone, parking close to catch my attention as they write notes. I came across a post to Noel they saw me at Elphin and was reporting back. As a female solo van dweller this can be unnerving at times especially late at night. The full timeline of the Gangstalking is here   Noel Hawkins then says he is now ‘scared to leave the house’ if he sees my van. Scared of a 65 year old woman with Long Covid. This appears on google search. Ullapool Sea Savers social media posts say I threaten, harass and abuse them. I have never met them nor been near them. Since July 2021, Noel Hawkins social media posts ask people to report me to the police for being “in the area”, ie Tescos, car parks and report TO Noel so he can “deal” with me, ”sort me out” – a 65 yr old woman with long covid. Their posts are still online today. The gangstalking http://yorkshirelandscapephotography.com/gangstalking/ This constant monitoring and surveillance by Noel Hawkins and Ullapool Sea Savers is against my Human Rights. I am not a peadophile, nor have I had contact with anyone from Ullapool Sea Savers. It’s not me that has fake accounts but the gang has many including impersonating me many times over. Noel Hawkins demands a trial for his false allegations. (Case dropped). Again my RPS qualifications are nothing to do with Hawkins. Nor my music. Noel Hawkins & Ullapool Sea Savers have ‘reported’ me for standing outside their house. Wasn’t me, I neither know nor care where Noel Hawkins Ullapool Sea Savers Shearwater Cruises ullapoolseasavers lives nor do I want to know. How much of their charity funding is being used for this libellous vendetta against me, the social media posts taking the photos of my van, the phone calls to the police because it all has to be accounted for in their books as time spent? OSCR looked into my complaints re funding, has made recommendations and now has a file on them. This vendetta is against the charity’s remit and objective. Yesterday I am not and never have been attacking anyone using fake profiles. This is not the first example of “mistaken” identity. There is Myrtle and others who wear black glasses, and at least 5 impersonations of me on social media. There is no video of Ullapool Sea Savers or film on social media or anywhere for that matter of Noel Hawkins or Ullapool Seasavers or Shearwater Cruises because it didn’t happen. I have never contacted this woman below in any shape or form. There are no other victims only lies given out by the Gangstalking. 2023 still fixated, obsessed, told over 2 years ago to stop. Long Covid I had covid Feb 2020, im long covid – i still have wierd covid toes, shortness of breath, fatigue, bad tinnitus made worse by stress. Many times I have asked for this to stop but Noel Hawkins & Ullapool Sea Savers continue. I have worked and volunteered for quite a few conservation organisations for the last 40 years, helping to design, stock and run a wildlife visitor centre. Part of my remit included guided walks and helping with children so these accusations are bizarre and ridiculous. After I left University, I taught the Flute in a prestigious Girls School with many of my students doing very well in their exams. There is absolutely no substance Ullapool Sea Savers in these false accusations by Noel Hawkins. Both he and his partner Janis are now telling everyone I am grooming, threatening and harassing children in Ullapool. July 10 2021. They have reported me to Police Scotland many times now. Noel Hawkins has reported me to anyone and everyone else including Maree Todd MSP who supports them, Shearwater cruises and Ullapoolseasavers, apparently even though they are: Blatant Lies by Ullapool Sea Savers. The amount of time and effort all these people have put in just to ban me from seeing any cetaceans in the UK including OrcaWatch and those organisations supporting this bullying and threats to ‘deal’ with me is incredible – Cath Bain BDMLR WDC HWDT, Andy Lawson , Steve Truluck, Steve Truluck WhatsApp, Seawatch Foundation, FB Caithness & Moray sightings page, FB Aberdeenshire sightings page, FB Hebrides and NW sightings page and many more. All listed on the gangs talking timeline. I have never known so many people obsessively fixated on stopping me from pursuing my wildlife interests that I have had since a child. Donna is also a nurse. Ullapool Sea Savers ullapoolseasavers USS. I will also swear on oath I have never met anyone from the charity Ullapool SeaSavers, nor any child from Ullapool, nor met him or his partner. Just not in my social circle. Wild wild west according to Ullapool Sea Savers Apparently parking on Harbour Street Ullapool to get an Amazon parcel from the post office in Ullapool is now harassment. So is waiting for Sunday papers. And so is being on the campsite, shopping at Tescos and getting a meal from Jade House, my prescription from Boots and medical appointments from Ullapool Medical Centre. These are why they reported me to the Police several times ’because I was in the area’. You know, like years ago, the wild west, you are not welcome here etc. I thought society was past being so judgemental on peoples lifestyles but no. Being a nomad is not a crime, people may not like it but it’s not a crime.  As I’ve never had anything to with Ullapool Sea Savers ullapoolseasavers USS charity ie never been near them, should Noel Hawkins (also @klondyker @ullapoolcraic and @ullapoolqueen – Shearwater Cruises ) have any info about me?  Should Ullapool Sea Savers be posting blatant lies like this about other environmentalists and people who have worked, taught and volunteered in conservation for over 40 years as I have or anyone for that matter. Should they be saying to their young Ullapool Sea Savers members its ok to bully single female visitors like this? or any female whether they know them or not? Does this teach humanity to other human beings? Have they met that person face to face and talked to them? Given the publicity surrounding Sarah Everard and women’s safety, surely this avoidance by MSPs raises questions. My home details posted by Ullapool Sea Savers Ullapool Sea Savers have posted photos of my motorhome with registration number and details of my nature stickers. Yes it is my home, my everything These are still seen throughout social media (2024) OSCR As a charity (UllapoolSeaSavers) and also the business Shearwater Cruises, with whom i have never had any contact, they should not have any data about me. Nor should they be posting any information in any form about me on a social media platform. And yes did report them to OSCR who also thinks this bullying is acceptable. If anyone is concerned about any charity, they have a right to make a complaint to the charity ofcom which in Scotland is OSCR. Also everyone has a right to make a Subject Access Request on any organisation (ICO.org.uk). It can include social media. It should not be a surprise to see what information you get back but it can be as i have found out. These are my legal rights. They posted information regarding the SAR on social media which led to others in the gang putting false statements online trying to lead people to think a decision had been made where in fact it was still being investigated; trying to lead people to believe i had been banned from taking SARs out whereas in fact every one has the right to access this if they believe their data is being used inappropiately. They manipulated ICO not to address my concerns. SARs are SARs are confidential but they reported me to the police for it, encouraged others to report me to the police. They are now encouraging establishments to physically block me from their premises as well as block me on social media. And they interfere in my private life and confidential transactions. they have chosen to do this. Noel Hawkins & Ullapool Sea Savers chose to post nasty comments. Encourage others to report me to the police. Choses social media to post on. Then is nastier when those comments are exposed. Don’t say them then, I have done nothing wrong. i have followed the right procedures for both Ullapool Seasavers and Shearwater Cruises to report inappropriate use of photos of my home which compromises my safety, inappropriate use of information a charity, UllapoolSeasavers, and a business shouldnt have. It is within my rights to do that. They cant try to force the police to arrest and section me because they don’t like it. They are all fixated on destroying my life. Do i stop them from going about their personal daily business, no. Do I even want to know anything about their personal lives, no. Am i tracking and monitoring them, no. Or am I interferring with their hobbies and interests, no. Am I reporting them to the police if I see them walking down the road, no. Is this also following the aims of the Ullapool Seasavers charity? Is this setting a good standard for young people to follow? More here https://www.facebook.com/103751498525425/posts/192276639672910/ http://yorkshirelandscapephotography.com/margaret-meek/ Noel Hawkins (@klondyker @ullapoolcraic @ullapoolqueen – Shearwater Cruises ) Ullapoolseasavers and Ruth Davey (Watts) @ruthdavey18 are trying to get me sectioned as well as arrested. Apparently they have professional psychiatric qualifications and can diagnose without actually meeting anyone, just rely on hearsay and gossip Wasn’t there a film … gaslighting… Maree Todd MSP, is not going to release the emails to me under a SAR request where at least Noel Hawkins, Ullapool Sea Savers, Ullapool Seasavers and ullapoolseasavers and others have asked for an intervention to have me arrested and sectioned or they will deal with me. what for? Nothing, as i said at the top – blatant lies. i have hundreds of screenshots like this, all in a similar vein as you will have seen in various posts over the last 7 years If you read Sam Vaknins ”Toxic relationships: Abuse and its aftermath” this and the Margaret Meeks set up for a criminal offence is a perfect example of Control by Proxy Being on the outside, although the target, i can see who has been recruited for which attack. I could see the fake profiles using Margaret Meek to set up a criminal offence i had nothing to do with, I could see Ruth Davey being lured into this leading onto Noel Hawkins who has involved his company Shearwater Cruises,and the charity UllapoolSeasavers. Even now Ruth Davey is keeping a ‘watchful eye’ on me every day. Following my followers, commenting on the threads I’ve commented on, contacting people I reply to. She was told 2 years ago to stop yet here she is talking of setting traps (18/2/22), spying on me as I try to talk, sorry “bleat”, and interact with people going through similar experiences, how my business was destroyed, how they tried to take my LRPS off me at least x9 years daily, how they stole my Dads photo from the RNLI site and posted it with offensive messages etc ie ”bleating”. She has a cease & desist. It may have been a template but the wording was very clear to stop this and leave me alone, not to track me round Ullapool, not to keep lying to the police and MSPs for things I have not done, or meddling from afar during the parcel incident. Nothing to do with her. A stranger sticking her nose into other people’s business where it’s not wanted. have felt shocked by this today The reason i have posted is that a lot of people have asked me why I don’t report my situation to the Police. i have tried but i think Chris explains much better than I could why it is so difficult plus the Police just dont have the resources especially when it goes on for years. Weeks of constant abuse on social media starting on my late Dads birthday 31/12/21 pile on by this gang, ullapoolseasavers, on social media and reported to the police again – for doing nothing. I was not even in Scotland. oh yes forgot to mention this is my late Dads birthday and done deliberately. Bemptonsula Ullapool Sea Savers is who? Noel Hawkins knows, John Horner knows, they are all involved, sharing an account? changes gender now over the years, asked police to id but they won’t, who has been using that fake profile account to harass me for over 9 years. He is sending emails to people I talk to on SM. Also has acquired my confidential emails sent to UKLPOTY and is posting online. They are now saying children are scared of me. why? I have not been near any children or ullapoolseasavers or shearwater cruises in ullapool or elsewhere. This is incomprehensible nonsense. They are lying, making things up that are just not there and then they report me to the police. Again I have not had any contact with anyone in Ullapool or ullapoolseasavers or Shearwater Cruises. there are no victims here. Again they tried to involve the police when I have done absolutely nothing #falseallegations Just a reminder, I have no contact with Shearwater Cruises or UllapoolSeasavers, havent had any contact with the others for years. Ullapoolseasavers imply I do. That is not the case. I will swear on oath in any court that is true and I wont be the one comitting perjury. Ullapool Craic is also Noel Hawkins @klondyker Ruth Davey Watts Ruth Davey Watts is still stalking me and now harassing anyone I speak to on social media. (pile-on has gone on for weeks now, reported to twitter who does absolutely nothing as always). Lets translate this ’had a go’. I stated that ruth davey stop stalking and harassing me many times about 2 years ago. When she didn’t stop I used an online cease and desist template on all SM platforms to say stop. She ignored this. She continues to stalk and harass me to this day. it was not a fake cease and desist letter, it was a template for everyone’s use rather than pay £5k+. it may have been a template but it was clear what I meant. Im now being stalked and harassed in real life. someone from ullapool is circling my van taking great interest in who is inside. Ruth Davey (stalker) was posting on social media about my arrival in Ullapool within half and hour of me being there. Again i didn’t encounter any children or ullapoolseasavers while going to the post office. I contacted the police and if Noel Hawkins (@klondyker) has been warned not to come near me or my van deliberately or continue to post the lies on Twitter (includes all the accounts used including ullapoolseasavers, ullapool sea savers shearwater cruises), as of 10/1/2022 All other monitors and posters have been recorded too. Maree Todd MSP is friends with Noel, she didnt stop this. I have a parcel on its way to Ullapool post office Just been told they are going to throw it away and not use the post office again. Bad customer service again. For all i know it could be a cancer test. Apparently bad customer service cannot be reviewed any more as they stop your mail. since when did the Post Office stop being a public service. Why have these 2 strangers got confidential customer information from Ullapool Post Office. They are lying as this was not said to me in the Ullapool Post office. Parcel returned in February, investigation still ongoing as of 7/2/22. Very strange reply from the Post Office which bore no resemblance to what happened. says coffee not a fundraiser, not begging, just a coffee ‍♀️ 7/2/2022 Local rapping loudly on my window at 4am. Parked on tarmac on a pull in off the road lay-by. Not doing any harm to anyone. No one else here #scotland #antimotorhome #highlands For 2 years she has been told to stop. She’s had a cease and desist letter yet she keeps spreading lies and trying to incite more hate against me. Ruth Davey has reported me to the police. Sometimes she insists she hasn’t or says she calls the police to shut me up. Utter bullshit and I will swear on oath in any court that this is not true. What a meddler. Ruth Davey is involved in the post office incident which is absolutely nothing to do with her. She lied about that too. The post office investigated how confidential customer information appeared on FB. Apparently this didn’t happen. so how did the fake account Geoffstarkie get a reference number … Continue reading Ullapool Sea Savers