May 2023

This was the final post written Feb 2 2020. Not written in a drunken stupor as the person who makes fun of it all suggests. Nor do I take medication, nor have ‘mental issues’, nor need sectioning or arrest.

I have lived, worked and volunteered in conservation for over 50 years and they have taken it all away, cancelled me for no given reason to me. I’m not even treated as a human being anymore.

The only police involvement I had before bemptonsula/bempt0nsula in 2016 was 34 in a 30 zone and I went to a seminar many years ago. That’s all. I have not had a conviction for anything else.

So there you go, have a good laugh.

“I will be holding the Scottish cetacean community and all the people named in the timeline responsible, and all the people who remained silent.

Had I not been through these last 8 years I would not be depressed or have SI. I have asked many times for this to be discussed and resolved but am constantly stonewalled/cancelled. It is the same group of people constantly reporting me to the police for things I have not done, framing me for criminal charges I have not done.

This all started out of the blue and snowballed and I couldn’t stop it, it hasn’t stopped.

All the people above have been aware of my situational depression and I have repeatedly said i just cannot take another year of this.

These people have set up an automatic screenshot program to capture anything I post online and contact people via DM, email etc to get me blocked, cancelled or kicked out. [this still goes on today 2023] It has been very distressing and in 8 years I have only had 6 months clear of abuse in 8 years

How am I supposed to heal from abuse when it is still going on.

The police say they cannot help and there is nothing for a civil case yet these abusers can still monitor me and interfere into my life and call police out to me. I will be vulnerable to these abusers for the rest of my life.

The duty of care call is a joke and now throws me into shakes. They can’t stop this situation. They don’t even understand how the internet or social media works. And of course that will be used against me as I have been asking for the marker to be taken off my van and to stop monitoring me.

It’s impossible to make a complaint against the police. You rarely get names and if you do put in a complaint, you never hear anything back, it all goes into a void. Serve and protect, certainly not in my experience.

The same with mental health services. I explained my situation but got sent round and round in circles and in frustration and distress I used a swear word and none of the mental charities in the UK will talk to me.

So where exactly is all this help for abuse?

I have asked all the people I can ask and there is no one left to ask. I feel a prisoner, i do not have a normal private life and choice is being taken away from me.

I have given you examples of how they are restricting my life but I sometimes get the impression you’re having a laugh cos you think it’s a spat. It’s a bit more than that when I cannot pursue my life, hobbies and interests as a normal person does and so many people have made a great effort to defame me. And I have to hide what I’m doing and where I am.

Talk about mental health and abuse you all say, but when someone does there is no help.

Of course these people behind the smear campaign are going to deny it, that’s what abusers do.

“All people had to do was talk” Feb 2 2020

I have no idea who Geoffstarkie is nor whale and dolphin project stuff on Facebook nor bemptonsula but people do and are protecting them. I chose my own friends and I don’t choose abusers as friends.