Lizzie Shepherd Photograph John Horner Helen Iliffe-Adsett

Lizzie Shepherd Photograph John Horner Helen Iliffe-Adsett 

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HR departments of any organisation, be it a workplace, volunteer organisation or charity now search for you online and of course now when they search for me, there will be a misrepresentation of me online forever for everyone so I’ll be guilty before innocent with no chance of being able to work, or volunteer again or even join charitable organisations.

How would I ever get a fair hearing in court either?

These fake profiles often use phrases like ‘persistent troublemaker’’we’ve reached out to you as friends’ and what would you read into these random posts, what impression would you have of me?

Your likes, page, groups will be scrutinised and god forbid if like any other human being you do a few sweary words. Welcome to the new Puritanical era.

It’s suggested you delete all your likes, and searches, search for anything that resembles a swear word like honky tonk, remove any slang words and all ‘negative ‘ words, any words that could be misconstrued as politically incorrect by any nation.

That is against my human right of I have a right to be found innocent before guilty, I am being prejudged.

These people, Lizzie Shepherd Photograph John Horner Digital Swaledale Helen Iliffe-Adsett, are determined to destroy everything about me, everything. Just think about your life, everything. 

These people are working offline, emailing organisations on the chance I would be a member to get me removed.

They have set up at least 30 fake profiles I know of.

They also take any photo of you, that anyone has taken, or photos of your loved ones, your pets, even copyrighted photos to use against you – for making fake websites, for memes, for fake profiles, for abusive messages.

And don’t forget the hacking into my FB, my gmail, use of my photos for crude msgs, a cloned website, stealing photos, illegal use of my profile photo, setting up fake pages, calling police out to stop me sharing FB posts, saying I was wanted by 2 police forces, putting online details of a ‘charge’ before I knew anything about it, monitoring me, setting up programs to collect all I post online.

Msgs & fake profiles could be anywhere – FB, Twitter, messenger, that strange comment I got on FB that alerts me someone has contacted them, the emails I received saying we were ‘alerted’, the sudden kicking out of hobby groups with no explanation.

And you won’t even know you’ve got these messages because you’ve blocked or muted them but that’s the idea. They want other people to see them, not you.

To all the photographers who took part in this online shaming:

“There are two types of people, those who contribute and those who detract. You must learn that the best way to build your career and your life is through your own achievements, not by attacking the achievements of others. People will always remember what type of person you are, and they will trust or distrust you accordingly.”

It’s a sad world when people don’t take you as you are but a fake misrepresentation put out by troubled people who have to discredit me to elevate themselves as in Lizzie Shepherd Photography, John Horner, Helen Iliffe-Adsett, Ruth Davey Watts and more.

You may mock this whole thing but it could happen to you in an instance, I could put a lie out about you, someone who doesn’t like you picks it up and you can say goodbye to your job, your career, your life as you know it now, even relationships, pet ownership, memberships, volunteering – everything you take for granted, anything you do for charity, friendships, everything will be biased against you. 

Just for fun.

Even if I changed my name, I would have to build up an identity on the web, because absolutely nothing on the WWW would set off alarm bells. 

That’s why I tried to sort things out, to resolve, to find a solution, to fight so hard because I am a human being, just like you, with feelings, I make mistakes just like you. 

Someone years ago spied on my business website every day, over 30 times a day, waiting for an opportunity to destroy my photography reputation and business – that was the first online shaming.

He teamed up with people in Shetland, after a really trivial incident, for a more brutal and intensive second online shaming on How did he know I was in Shetland? He was monitoring me.

Situational depression, my mental health would be fine if I didn’t have this going on.

Then a tiny incident happened in Barra, how did they know about this? and they persuaded a Barra local to online shame me.

And would you believe, I’m trying to spread the word of online shaming with Sue Scheff and Shame Nation, it’s started again with me being the ‘persistent troublemaker ‘ line

On twitter you can see I’ve advised her to talk to the police about her concerns. Obviously deleted now but it was one of their fake profiles.

So when did you last google your name?

It was very difficult trying to explain this to a PO and nurse, to try and distill 5 years (now 8) into 5 minutes. It wasn’t a good meeting, I knew there was a possibility they couldn’t help, but you see on web pages the police can trace this and that, but I had to try, but in reality they can’t unless there is physical evidence and I felt the meeting had a dismissive ending which felt unprofessional and which was upsetting. None of us wanted to be there and I suspect there was something else happening in the background which might have been on their minds. I’m not telepathic but something was out of whack with them. But unfortunately a duty of care means they have to physically see you even if you say you are fine. While they were going back to their families, I still hadn’t at that time any clue of how I was going to stop it and have a life. I felt worse leaving the car than I did when I got in. I guess it just brought the trauma out and it was just very raw emotion.

I have never felt so vulnerable in my life – as a human being or a woman I would never have thought anything like this would happen to me.

No one really talks these days, or sorts things out.

On the 2 week mark, I wasn’t going to do a search after what had been said to me, but I thought I’d do one more and the post up there came up.

A week later the profile has been deleted and I’ve also been able to delete some information from the web they have twisted against me.

And they have been deleting posts and profiles too but the damage has already been done.

These abusers are seriously obsessed with destroying ‘me’ and I’ve done a lot of what if thinking, it would have happened whatever happened – and they sick thing is, they do it for fun.

@janehobson14 either reappears locked or unlocked or deactivated ie doesn’t exist. As of 1/8/19 the profile link is black meaning it’s been deleted.

I thought healing would be easy. It’s not, good days and bad days. And they still monitor me – why would folk use DuckDuckGo if not to hide the fact they are spying on me.

The next milestone will be over 5 months, been a lot of years since been abuse free for over 5 months.

Every day, someone goes through the same experience on social media.

Because of Simone Burns. I was appalled even her suicide attracted online shaming and her story disappeared after a few days. My story stays, it’s one of many experienced by ordinary folk, somehow something has to change.

I cannot go through another year of this.

You cannot report me missing as I have no

You cannot report any concerns as my friends are aware of my situation. And so are the police re hoax calls.

So am trying to look into counselling or therapy for this – so far not a sausage

Had a lovely email today.

“.. you have gained your LRPS Distinction through the correct and proper channels by meeting the requested criteria. 

You should continue to be proud of your LRPS and enjoy your photography, the only reason you would not be able to use the letters LRPS after your name, is if you leave the RPS and are no longer a member (This is a condition printed on the back of your LRPS Certitificate).”

People are contacting me with similar stories but unfortunately it triggers me. What I would suggest is you contact the CEOs of the Cetacean orgs as I did and tell your story of bullying and harassment then maybe one day this will eradicate the elitism in the UK whale and dolphin charities that seems to be for the chosen few and stops everyone and anyone getting involved.

This smear campaign has been carried out by orca, whale and dolphin staff and volunteers. The CEOs who represent them are aware of this and do not address the problem within their community and I have approached them many times to resolve this – they just ignore me.

At no time have I criticised Hugh Harrops achievements, his expertise, his family, his business yet look how he and his colleagues and volunteers punish me.  

Do you still want to give them your money knowing the bullying culture is rife in the Orca, Whale and Dolphin community?

This was a deliberate act to destroy my life, call it online shaming, cancel culture, cyber bullying, online bullying – it has many names but it is done for one reason.

Then people say, it’s the blog why do you leave it:

A) I asked them to stop, they didnt

B) they kept calling the police on me but I couldn’t ask the police to stop them

C) the person in a) decided to get involved in unrelated incidents that didn’t concern them

D) there’s only me, I don’t want this to happen to anyone else, it’s my story

E) no one can believe this anyway and they assume I’m the nasty number without even knowing me.