Lizzie Shepherd Photography online shaming

Lizzie Shepherd Photography does online shaming. Lizzie Shepherd Photography publicly posted a sentence on Facebook. She had been told it had something to do with me but she did not contact me until 6 hours later.

During this 6 hours, she teased and had some fun with the ‘establishment LPOTY photographers’ and by sly encouragement ie posting enough information online for people to google, she revealed who I was. This is the start of all this that continues to this day. Here is the timeline.

And yet she still maintains she did not name me, she did, by implication. I mean someone had time to make an anagram of my name and that is not easy. All the people in the post knew so someone was telling them.

After she contacted me, I immediately resolved the issue and thought that was that except Lizzie Shepherd Photography had not told anyone this had been resolved and left the post up and when I found it hours later, well, they were already baying name and shame and that continued, it was like a lynch mob.

Virtual lynch mob, online shaming, dog piling, group bullying, flying monkeys – they all mean the same thing

I do remember she mentioned maybe I will see the post on facebook.

Why? I wasn’t even aware it existed and she knew this. Later down the post it was a case of maybe she should email me.

I had to say it was resolved as she wouldn’t.

Plus as she has her twitter feed linked to her blog, the issue was aired there.

So on the weekend of July 11-12 2015 I was harassed/hounded on FB until about 1am and first thing from 7am, she then carried it onto twitter with sly-not-completed-sentences-alluding-to comments and the harassment came into my inbox.

To stop it I had to shut down facebook, shut down my website and limit twitter.

I asked so many people for help to stop this abuse, to get in touch with Lizzie to stop it – Alex Hare, Joe Cornish, Lizzie herself. And online and no one helped, no one stopped. No one. No one. We’re all around 50-60 and no one helped me, even now they all stonewall me and pretend it didn’t happen.

Digital Swaledale who, apparently jokingly-saying-now-critiqueing trashed my photos on facebook and posted their workshops on my page are now saying things like I use the same style buttons as they do etc It is getting very silly and it seems John Horner is continually stirring the issue.

Lizzie Shepherd Photography
 Lizzie Shepherd Photography

It saddens me to think how quickly some people are to annihilate competition/other photographers in their rise up the social ladder.

But on twitter comments as in goexplorepro saying I have lost all credibility etc Why? What’s it to them? Nothing to do with them. This is no way to conduct business especially when I was contacted, I resolved the matter straight away.

Very sad to see these names encouraging and supporting Lizzie Shepherd Photography rather than suggesting this was a private matter: Mark Littlejohn who won LPOTY one year, Doug Chinery, Sean Goswell who called me a fruit and nut case, and others

And also sad it was a female photographer trashing another female photographer!

All these people run businesses and at no time did they ask Lizzie Shepherd Photography if I had been contacted.

They continued trashing me for hours before I was contacted so Lizzie Shepherd does online shaming.

For anyone who thinks she posted in mistake

The post was sent as Public in Facebook.

There were numerous opportunities to change it and any reasonable person seeing their mistake would:

  1. Oops I should not have sent it as public, I’ll edit the post and change to Friends.
  2. oops ( 6 hours later ) now the matter has been resolved I’ll take the post down.
  3. now Dorcas has joined the thread which is still Public I’ll close it down.
  4. Dorcas is being harassed I’ll close it down etc

Guess what Lizzie Shepherd Photography did none of those things. Neither did any of her friends suggest any of the above options!

I asked her friends over and over again, to contact her to stop the harassment, I asked her business partner, over and over again, it still didn’t stop.

oh and it didn’t stop there, she tried to get my LRPS taken away from me and get my business closed down

Doesnt sound like an oops moment to me, does it to you?

Looks like she was set on destroying me 🙁

I had started the year on a really positive note, planning new workshops, going to the areas to get some lovely promotional shots although the weather was against everyone on the Hebrides. I had enrolled on marketing workshops to get up to date and to try out new techniques. Just like everyone else really,,honing up my skills, learning and trying to get better. Then July!

I was devastated, it takes time to sort something like this out. Then August, the emails from the RPS and the web hosts on my birthday, I was distraught and really thought about ending it all (and Lizzie Shepherd Photography was aware of this)

September and October I tried to get back into it, but it’s hard and then November, she tries again.

For the second time she is trying to get my LRPS taken away from me.

This was over a sentence. I was updating my website and saw a sentence I wanted to rejig I was working fast, I had a lot to do. As soon as LS contacted me I changed it but she did not stop the post

Also I have had tweets which could be interpreted as doing me physical harm.

She has now had 2 opportunities to talk to me face to face, And if she had wanted to say anything to me I was at #Moorsview with a big name badge and was at #Callanish but she disappeared sharpish.

And I am happy to return my LRPS badge if necessary.

I also get messages via DM which look suspiciously connected to this.

Of course you could put the post on show for everyone to see again and to make up their own minds but guess you won’t be doing that. Wonder why?

She posted this reply in December when a student posted her own image after attending a LiShepherd Photography workshop – Lizzi Photography “my pleasure, – I’ve never framed it in quite this way myself – might have to copy you next time!” Yet Lizzie Shepherd Photography does online shaming.