Margaret Meek Kinlochbervie set me up

Update – more threats. Let me get this right. Let’s cut to the chase. You want to kill a 63 year old woman with arthritis and long covid?

UPDATE – first threat by Noel Hawkins, notice he demands police deal with this or ‘they’ will. Noel has not filed any report against me at this time of writing. He has lied to BDMLR and about the Police. Click the Facebook link. If anything happens to me or my van at least there is a record. And no I’m not being paranoid.

he is saying I am threatening children. I have not threatened or spoken to any child in Ullapool. I have not harassed anyone in Ullapool or any group

Noel Hawkins used all these accounts @klondyker, @ullapoolqueen, @ullapoolcraic, and a charity Ullapool Seasavers to spy on me, post details of my van including photos and VRN and reported me to the police purely for being in Ullapool. I am now a sitting target for a lynch mob. Police not interested.

He is ex Scottish Wildlife Trust, BDMLR and drives the Ullapool high school bus. And and that person is Noel Hawkins. Part of the largest smuggling of cocaine at the time. Even a book about it. Operation Klondike.

Ullapool Seasavers should a charity not conducting personal vendettas

#ruthdaveywatts and #kinlochbervie community councillor #margaretmeek were set up by #heleniliffeadsett and gang to bully me. They set up a fake profile of Margaret Meek Kinlochbervie stole her photos and said it was me. Whereupon Margaret Meek Kinlochbervie claimed I was impersonating her and reported me to the police. Nothing to do with me.

I have long covid. These snitches also reported me to the DVLA.

#nc500thelandweeps run by #margaretmeek became a trashing ground about me, making fun of my mental health. All this bullying over 7 years has depressed me and at times, overwhelmed me with suicidal thoughts.

They also create fake profiles impersonating me. They also create some with my name, some very close to my own profile and use these to harass people. They have found my IP address and pass it round. No official investigation has been done on any of the fake profiles. (@Shetland the best was a giveaway it was Helen). I managed to get the ones with my names removed by Facebook. You can see the list here.

They also created a fake profile practically identical to the profile I was using at the time using my old user name I deleted many years ago. Why was it fake, it was created October 2020, very few followers, not the people I would follow, very few posts and nothing to do with me. How much time did they spend getting it so identical Facebook removed it when I reported them for impersonating me. As I said nothing to do with me.
when I took the screenshots they were obviously using these fake profiles to harass other people, I have no idea how many they sent in total but they were not from me.

You can see the fake profile being used to harass Ruth above.

#ruthdaveywatts and others were constantly falsely reporting me to the police. No idea what for because I have not been harassing them in any way. The fake profiles with my name on certainly had as you can see from the example.

They stole lots of images and posted my van details and VRM. I had to contact Facebook Uk Nick Clegg, Zuckerberg and eventually they were removed after months of asking. There is still one post with Margaret Meek statement on twitter that she needs to get removed.

These people are probably Christians, I would call them a lynch mob.

and there was an ex Police Officer in Cybercrime #RichardWright advising them what to charge me with and even he didn’t investigate properly 👇you’d have thought after 30 years experience…..

Another quote from Richard ‘that’s why I stick to the facts’. He didn’t this time though. Doesn’t make assumptions either ……

I took Margaret Meek’s awful accusation to the #highlandcouncil, to the Scottish government as she accused me without properly investigating what she was told. I also asked the council and other councillors not to post on social media and to keep my correspondence confidential. So what happened- references got posted on social media almost immediately.

I have never met Margaret Meek Kinlochbervie nor Ruth Davey Watts, nor Gillian McPherson nor Ian Wilcox or any of them, but they have chosen to believe hearsay given to them by other people who do not know me and although I have not seen it, a book supposedly ‘detailing’ my life over the last 10 years and which from the tiny details Ruth leaked bears no resemblance to me whatsoever. None of the people documenting this know me or have ever been part in any event in my life.

I’m sure if I had a mind to I could investigate and produce a similar nasty document over the last ten years for every single one of them and make up a few other things as well and pass it around to all their hobbies and interest groups and employers or ex employers

I do not endlessly phone, text, message, befriend people or their partners and anyone is welcome to search my phone records as it’s boring.

I had nothing to do with it.

And to think Margaret Meek Kinlochbervie was elected to be a community councillor when she does not properly research allegations about other people.

about 70 people, including fake profiles, were involved in this encouraging ridicule of mental health, depression and SI.

Because they are still messing around and interfering in my life, I have changed my name in order to have some sort of normality in my life – I shouldn’t have to do this.

Had a chat with Police Scotland today. Kinlochbervie community councillor Margaret Meek, plastered a false accusation & demands on FB. She reported me to the police with no proper investigation as to who it was because it was not me,

Margaret Meek has no proof because there was no proof.

And there are still posts with her allegation on social media as of 17/4/2021 on Hoping for Truth who they know.

and if you keep reading the ‘we tried to set up meetings to resolve this’, they blocked me first so I couldn’t see any of their posts, then posted lots of pleading posts which I couldn’t see obviously making me out to be a bad person for ignoring them. Luckily a friend noticed and sent me screenshots.

And the police think all you have to do is block people and get in touch with Facebook to get things deleted. So funny. I’m afraid Facebook couldn’t care less and their policies and guidelines do not cover this sort of smear campaign.

ignore it police say. Fine until I need a job, or bricks and mortar to buy or rent, or a mortgage – when they do a social media search………and don’t think the people behind these accusations and smear campaign don’t know this

and I get veiled threats about visiting the Hebrides and Shetland.

Had another chat with Police Scotland. Now have to go through a process of removing these records from the system especially as I was set up and had nothing to do with #kinlochbervie #margaretmeek accusations.

I can’t get the abusive posts removed by twitter but they are happy to suspend my account when contacted by these people.

I won’t hold my breath for my public apology.

Ruth Davey Watts been told again and again to stop harassing me on Twitter. She was told to Cease and desist the end of last year and if she denies it, she’s lying. She blocks me then sends posts to make me look bad. She seems to know everything the other fake profiles are doing and who they are then claims not to be in a gang. I ignore as much as I can and am getting on with my life. I changed my name so I can have a normal life and do online courses. So what does she do, reveals my new name so I can get more abuse and none of this is any of her business in the first place.

apparently according to Paula Macleod NC500thelandweeps don’t do personal attacks. All these people below who were on that FB page personally attacked me while I was not allowed to comment. I have the screenshots.

people involved and I know I’ve missed some so 70:1 70 people bullying 1 person – oh all these names are from screenshots defaming me, spreading lies and making fun of mental health issues.

Helen Iliffe-Adsett, John Horner, Margaret Meek, Ruth Davey Watts, Gillian McPherson, Allen Cameron, Jack Matheson, Barbara Jones, Midge MacPherson, Patricia Ledford, Kevin Laird, Ian Wilcox, Jode Lane, Jean Elen Hall, Eileen Wild, Sally Moore, Steph Thomas, Fiona Crawford, Sharon Jane, John Adams Peterson, Verity T Hope, Tariq Sheikh, Tommy Anderson, Dierdre Henderson, Echlin Wright, Sean Logie, Linda Claxson, Christine Laurenson, Megan Shott, Doug Macleod, Meghan Scott, Jackie Smail, Vicky Gordon, Rich Gunn, Christine Grace, Robin Pettigrew, Victor Roney, Shetlandthebest, Make the Call, Thatmadratteragain, the madratteruk, notthemadratter, themadra77er, themadde5tratter, victimsofstorcas, Richard @visitandtravel, skydancer, thatmadratter, hoping for truth, Aultbeapestcontrol, Firecloud, twomadratter, Les Armishaw, Lydia Hannah, Wolfus Hound, Jack Mattheson, George Walsh, account set up with my VRM, th3madratter, them4dratter, Poppy Casper, afterthenorthboat, forthewin, Geoff Starkie, Misty_Casper, Stephen Mackay, Lee Quince, Daisy, Shetland Remembers, wehavetrackedyourvan, Ross Dakers, Richard Wright, Billy McDonald, Noel Hawkins

And this was only the incident last year, they didn’t care I was fighting long covid etc imagine if I added the names over the last 7 years.

these folk really don’t like any other opinions but their own. June 4 2021 have had abusive messages on Twitter, Facebook and Messenger. The gang set up another fake profile pretending to be me and sent out posts harassing other people.

So today one of my friends was targeted. Because my digital presence is monitored 24/7 they picked up on a very bland conversation we were discussing between ourselves then Geoff Starkie and Ruth Davey Watts posted some very strange things about me to him. Then she sent posts saying I was harassing her, she had done nothing wrong. You can’t attack my friends and then say it’s my fault.

Having to ask these people to stop since last year is not harassment. Sending a cease and desist letter is not harassment.

They block me then send messages to blacken my name saying I’m harassing them when I am not doing anything. If I ask them to stop they call it harassment, if I send a cease and desist they call it harassment. If I object to them putting my new name on social media they call it harassment. It’s there in a screenshot but they didn’t do it, it’s harassment.

My friend is ok. We are still friends, of course we are 😀

I have just banned Gillian McPherson for her vile rude personal attack on me and that is not bullying. I will not tolerate abusive behaviour.

I don’t know what business it was of theirs to even mention what was and still is, a traumatic moment for me. I am not Dave Wilson, I would never have written that. So cruel.

I’m still very upset about this. No way would I ever write this about Cheethams. I only found out how my friends were treated within the last ten years and it still shocks me. I was 11 at the time. How low, I mean how low can Ruth Davey Watts, Geoff Starkie and Dave Wilson go to even mention this.

12 staff were involved and too many very talented instrumentalists were sexually abused. Yet Geoff Starkie and Helen searched on my name, pages and pages into google search, finding it and then deciding to put that in the public domain. I feel sick to the stomach that people can think this is acceptable.

the post is on my Facebook NC500thelandweep page

On Fathers Day I got bombarded by fake profiles of my late Dad and Daisy with what I consider nasty messages. The photo of my Dad was stolen from the RNLI dedication page as I had donated to have his name on one of the new Scottish Lifeboats. Because his family was Scottish (Gunn clan). Use the same link above. Very cruel sick people – adults in their 60-70s.

And again a fake profile of Margaret Meek appeared – link as above.

Wrongly using the word troll. They are using it for any statement that disagrees with theirs as do the NC500 groups. If you disagree, ask a question or have a different opinion they call it trolling. If you put any sort of emoji other than like or heart you are trolling. If you state a personal boundary and say stop – you are trolling. If you state a personal boundary and say no – you are trolling.

Noel Hawkins put my van details online for malicious reasons.

Folk say talk to the police if you’re scared, I did. Apparently absolutely nothing wrong with all my home details ie motorhome being exposed to the world.

Nothing wrong with a total stranger spying on me and taking photos of my van while I’m shopping then putting all the details online. Nothing sinister or pervy or creepy about that. 

Don’t know why I bothered yet again. Hardly having a life being hounded like this all the time. My safety concerns totally ignored and brushed away.

At least if anything happens you know I tried.