Margaret Meek Kinlochbervie falsely accuses me

Both #ruthdaveywatts and #kinlochbervie community councillor #margaretmeek were played by fake profiles set up by #heleniliffeadsett and others to bully me further, they set up a fake profile of Margaret Meek Kinlochbervie stole her photos and said it was me. Whereupon Margaret Meek Kinlochbervie claimed I was impersonating her and reported me to the police.

And it’s still online and no indication from Margaret Meek Kinlochbervie as to whether she has dropped these false charges.

I have long covid. They reported me to the DVLA.

nc500thelandweeps run by #margaretmeek became a trashing ground about me, making fun of my mental health as all this bullying over 6 years has depressed me and at times, overwhelmed me with suicidal thoughts. The whole posts is slanderous and I will re-upload to where it can be found.

ruthdaveywatts and others were constantly falsely reporting me to the police.

These people are probably Christians, I would call them a lynch mob.

They like to be nasty, but can’t take it when they are called out.

I took Margaret Meek’s awful accusation to the #highlandcouncil, to the Scottish government as she accused me without properly investigating what she was told. I also asked the council and other councillors not to post on social media and to keep my correspondence confidential. So what happened- it got posted on social media.

I have never met Margaret Meek Kinlochbervie nor Ruth Davey Watts, but they have chosen to believe hearsay given to them by other people who do not know me, I guess that’s the Christian way.

I had nothing to do with it and I will sue Margaret Meek if I can.

And to think Margaret Meek Kinlochbervie was elected to be a community councillor when she does not properly research allegations about other people.

Because they are still messing around and interfering in my life, I have changed my name in order to have some sort of normality in my life.