Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca Sightings

Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca Sightings.  To differentiate from my Shetland Orca & Cetacean Sightings on Facebook. This includes the OrcaWatch and UK cetacean community’s gatekeeping and cancel culture.

Health professionals repeatedly say about me “there is no evidence of mental illness or personality disorder”. This is contrary to what these people below are saying about me publicly online and offline. To discredit me, destroy everything about me and blocking me from all whale and dolphin media information in the UK. Including all sightings and events since 2016 such as OrcaWatch.

To see Shetland Orca was one of my dreams.

Years ago, I spent a year in Shetland specifically to watch wildlife.

Hugh Harrop runs Shetland Wildlife. The tours are too expensive for me especially on top of the ferry prices.

My experience 

As I have 40 years working or volunteering in conservation I was happy with my own field craft. Dismissing negative warnings about the wildlife culture, I didn’t believe it, but I had no idea how bad it would get.

I had no idea how one tour company can send police round again and again to stop me using social media. Or have me arrested twice (see Gangstalking page) yet lift one of my photos without question. I now know it’s to do with policing by perception. 

If you are a birdwatcher, there are 2 companies to current live information, Birdguides and Rarebirdalert.

At the time of my visit Hugh Harrop controlled all wildlife information systems for birds and cetaceans on Shetland. He has control and influence of all cetacean groups in Scotland. There’s no other system in place for everyone to experience orca, cetaceans and migrant bird alerts in Shetland. None. 

Nor would anyone else (even sworn enemies of Hugh Harrop) pass on information. Cancelled means cancelled. 

The above is the criticism of the system in Shetland as it was as I was there. It is an opinion, my opinion that’s all. At no time have I criticised nor wished malice nor ill will on, nor been abusive or threatening to Hugh Harrops achievements, his expertise, his family, or his business. Yet look at the process of punishment at me. Constant reporting to the police. Arrested twice. 3 false allegations. Forced to go to court at £20,000 of my pension pot and apparently more from Hugh to come 2024.

Just because I have written about my experience on Shetland. OrcaWatch, many wildlife citizens, rehabbers and rescuers hide behind fake profiles. They send messages like the examples below, and I’m breaking a code of conduct? I’m putting the whale and dolphin society and #OrcaWatch into disrepute?

Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca and #OrcaWatch is apparently for the few not for everyone.  They also gatekeep sightings and information #cancelculture.

So what happened?

One day, like a few other people, I was following up on some Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca Sightings on Yell. I asked on Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca Sightings whatsapp for directions, “behind an island” came the chat line. Looked at OS map, saw 3 islands, “which island?” I asked. Then “please”, I was so close but couldn’t see anyone watching on the cliffs. The other people on Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca Sightings whatsapp then started to complain as I had asked 3 times. These people knew I was a visitor.

If you think these Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca WhatsApp were very polite, non sweary and only featured the whales and birds, you would be very much mistaken. There was normal banter. Hugh often mistook his personal chat to his wife for the whale chat – lots of love and kisses etc. There was lots of swearing and banter, and sweary banter so my rant was very tame. It was very trivial. Yet again I say, I apologised after the rant at the same time and they all know this.

The Orca position is on Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca Sightings Twitter instead. I then had a little rant asking if people could put directions on sightings. At the end of the rant I apologIsed. His wildlife guide, Tim Stenton suggested as I could afford a motorhome I could afford to go on Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca tours. TS had looked up the price of my MH and quoted the price in his original post. TS also stamped his feet, swore and ran off when I turned up before everyone else having correctly calculated when Orcas might appear on another occasion. 

I set up my own page, to collate information so I could learn, catalogue ids, keep up to date. This obviously attracted a lot of abusive messages.  

Unfortunately I had to put Daisy down as she had cancer. I think they gave me a few days grace before another disgusting message appeared.

I went to the police for help to stop all the abuse but no, I have never had any help to stop this. Policing by perception.  

This video about bullying is practically word for word what these people are doing to me . Unfortunately a lot of organisations believe them without even knowing me. They believe their perception without questioning it. They have also fuelled the fire.

This is abuse, #cancelculture, bullying, online shaming and online abuse and whoever they are will do anything to discredit me.It is pure character assassination, lynch mob, smear campaign and I can’t do anything about it.

since then? 

  • Most recent updates are in OrcaWatch 
  • Police visit late at night (police visits now too many to count), sent by Hugh Harrop of Shetland Wildlife, and Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca Sightings to inform me not to share his FB posts (ps his site encourages sharing)
  • I became a Shorewatch volunteer and hoping to travel round Scotland whale watching, joining local area groups, socialising, only to see people from Shetland joining. These groups remove without explanation. #cancelculture
  • Steve Truluck (Shorewatch volunteer) of Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca chat during #OrcaWatch – before he removed me the last person added was Hugh Harrop Shetland Wildlife. Tried to contact ST 3 times, ignored. Orca Watch ban for 7th year now. #cancelculture
  • Karen Munro – Caithness sea watching. Had a great few months then saw Gary Buchan and  Andrew Scullion had joined. Removed and blocked. Again tried to contact KM a few times but ignored. Was at Trinkie watching when removed #cancelculture
  • Was part of Orkney Cetacean group for a while – removed and blocked without explanation. Tried to contact group, again ignored #cancelculture
  • A group in the NW – same story. #cancelculture
  • St Cyrus whale watching group – same story. #cancelculture
  • Tried to get Information regarding Shetland #Orcawatch from Karen Hall SNH and Seawatch Foundation – blocked. Tried to contact, same story..  Still blocked on social media. 
  • Still blocked by Karen Hall SNH employee who refuses to engage in any communication. SNH refuse to talk to me constructively about this #cancelculture. Again confirmed by #naturescot. 
  • Orca.web cancels Marine Mammal Survey Course and my membership.
  • Removed from forth marine mammals group who are now posting a lot of Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca sightings #cancelculture
  • Seawatch Foundation refuse to add me to #OrcaWatch and I now cannot comment on their page nor take part in #OrcaWatch as access  FB blocked. Hugh Harrop moderates and controls #OrcaWatch #cancelculture. Confirmed. Over 7 years now of not accessing #OrcaWatch.
  • Doing a course with BDMLR @bdmlrorcaaware have blocked me – I tried to find out why – no communication. BDMLR staff have been offensive and have incited hate against me and falsely accused me of grooming, harassing and abusing children. Noel Hawkins #ullapoolseasavers
  • Helen Iliffe-Adsett and Gail Leask have set up a screenshot program to catch anything I post on the internet ie monitoring me and contacting the police. They still police me today 2024
  • malicious websites and pages created about me #cancelculture
  • photos stolen used for abusive messages including the last photo of my Dad stolen from RNLI site
  • contacting previous employers #cancelculture
  • Holding an online trial against me and finding me guilty #cancelculture
  • more below 

and I thought these organisations and #OrcaWatch were for helping whales and dolphins of the world, and the seas, and were available to every citizen of the world who wanted to help.
Back to Shetland

  • People involved and instigators of fake profiles: Helen Illife-Adsett, Hugh Harrop, Gary Buchan, @tuffstance, Sue Braid, John Horner aka Susan Braid, Sheila Mottlet, Hugh Storker, Sula @gannetgoverner & @stalkedbydorcas & @avictimofdorcas, Nooti aka HLA @Purrhana (HLA), @heleniliffe (HLA), @zetlandlife (HLA), @nowtbettertodo0 (HLA), @goonlogthisone2 (HLA),@knewyouwoulddo (HLA), Meghan Scott (HLA), Megan Shott (HLA) @eyesupoffscreen (HLA), @jakethelippers (HLA), orcastorca (HLA) janehobson14, @aintdatdetruth, etc etc @bemptonsula, @albertecclefan, @ecclefan, Skye rocks, Dory Dean, Effil940, Alil, @dorydean1; FB Sue Braid blog & profile; Barbara Jones
  • Gail Leask? set up Beware this woman website page cloning my FB page. They copy Hugh Harrop in many Facebook and Twitter posts so he knows all about this.
  • skye rocks page set up to smear me #cancelculture
  • More FB pages set up – DorcasDebacle, Eatch and Every Post, Each and Every Post, Exposing the Truth about Dorcas Eatch #cancelculture
  • more fake profiles: Alice Suner (messenger), Jannie James @tuffstance, Shetland in Profile @lifeinshetland, Morgan Montgomery @morganm23563846 , Queen of the North @queenofthenorth16, dorcas Dickson (messenger), Jane Hobson @janehobson14, After the North Boat @lifeinshetland
  • Lies about 2 police forces wanting me implying I was a suspect
  • lies about being an ex jailbird twice
  • putting on FB there was an harassment order against me (04282018) about which I knew nothing (police were aware HLA had put this online (jul 2018) but is this not confidential information? How did she know before me?) I asked DK of Shetland Police about this (Nov 2018) and was told I had not done anything criminal and he must have known about this. I was charged Dec 2019 with – I don’t know as they weren’t read to me same with Jan 2023
  • Facebook hacked into stating ‘there will be trouble ahead’
  • Fake profiles (HLA) set up trial by internet pretending to be eminent judge from London – being judge and jury for the whole of Shetland #cancelculture
  • constantly posting I have mental health issues and narcissism – I don’t see above #cancelculture
  • distressing attack regarding parents deaths around the time Daisy was put down, very distressed about losing Daisy, my Dads dog
  • photos of Daisy stolen – used with very offensive messages #cancelculture
  • they found my uncles obituary – offensive message received about sodomy
  • Making fun of dementia and depression
  • comments about how to grieve – stuff way below the line, very strange
  • plus saying my stalker doesn’t exist (8 years and he’s still spying on me)
  • contacting ex employers of 30 years ago – RSPB & EWT #cancelculture
  • contacting any organisation/group I am a member of (isolating me from any social activity) #cancelculture
  • calling me a whore
  • saying I have no right to Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca Sightings or #OrcaWatch #cancelculture
  • no right to see any wildlife in Shetland #cancelculture
  • Using phrases such as ‘will not be tolerated ‘ appear #cancelculture
  • comments about if I can afford a van like that I can afford to use a tour company to see wildlife
  • told to piss off and wend my way frequently #cancelculture
  • calling the police again and again and again
  • character assassination/devaluation #cancelculture
  • Helen Iliffe-Adsett is one of the people who monitors all my internet presence everyday in order to gain information for malicious intent (eg telling folk I was wanted by 2 police forces – I was but only because I was very depressed at the time and had suicidal thoughts and the police put out a MISPER bulletin on SM). She changes her profile name every week if not every couple of days and can change profile names multiple times a day. 

Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca Watch

  • trying to get LRPS off me again for 50+ time #cancelculture still trying 2023
  • contacting people I speak to online, by email spreading malicious rumours #cancelculture

I still believe everyone has a right to see these wonderful Shetland Orca Sightings and to participate in #OrcaWatch and it is not for one man to dictate who sees them.

I only wanted to see Orcas. After my 40 odd years of conservation, working and volunteering,I have never known such intolerance and an obsessive drive by so many people just to stop me from seeing Orcas or going on #orcawatch

  • Im now being followed on all SM
  • you will notice I disappear from twitter. About every 2 weeks for the last 3 months, I get banned from Twitter from complaints from Shetland I presume, for saying whalewatching and #Orcawatch should be for everyone not just the privileged few, citizen science is for everyone not just for the privileged few. 
  • Rarebirdalert, I have been a customer for many years, at times a paying customer, suddenly blocks me – guess what am not a customer any more (doesn’t he want customers?)
  •  1st march another fake profile (@tuffstance, @tuffstanceday1) has spent all day going through my tweets and replying with not nice stuff only 21 times – at least it’s quite tame – nasty woman etc – I’ve had a lovely day though with brill views of crossbills and more
  • New fake profile @lifeinshetland Apparently ‘Chris’
  • @bemptonsula now richymonde pushing for me to be kicked out of BDMLR and have the MMM taken off me. #cancelculture
  • Have had shingles for the last month, can still see where the rash was, still very tired and getting odd numbness round my eyes and face. 
  • Getting abusive messages on messenger by fake profiles #cancelculture
  • so I was on wildcamping and they found me and spread the poison #cancelculture
  • fake profile queen of the north started by HIA who sends tweets to Hugh Harrop #gaslighting Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca Watch
  • who also contacts AJMACLEOD on the Barra Page who publicly posts libel. After saying I will sue him he removes his posts. Thank you. 
  • someone has to be very sick to do this ps dorcas Dickson is not me  Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca Watch Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca Watch

Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca Watch

Picked up another virus, so shingles and this in the last 3 months, immune system not coping very well. I have long covid  

Marine Mammal Medic were ‘alerted’ to a genuine question I posted on a blog : ‘Please do not just delete. Please read. Why do the uk #orca #orcawatch elite ban folk from location information so we don’t have a chance to see them even if we are near the location and why do they not reply when they are contacted for discussion. Surely seeing these animals is for everyone. No explanation has been given as to why I’ve been banned from #orcawatch and I would like proof rather than people quoting lies from the #smearcampaign that is being conducted against me by the orca & whale and dolphin community #Orcawatch #whalewatching #shetland #scotland #orkney #Karenhall SNH #stevetruluck #karenmunro #hughharrop #ullapoolseasavers #itsmywildlifetoo I am 65 retired female – all I want to do is meet folk, watch Cetaceans. And again would not tell me who had alerted them. #cancelculture

I’d  obviously been reported to the RSPB as a spam email recently as the whole organisation blocked me from contacting anyone or anything – my employers from 30 years ago.

i had a feeling they would escalate behind the scenes as on June 25 last year I had to put Daisy down and I was heartbroken plus she was my Dads dog plus memories of his dementia etc very emotional time.

my facebook page page has been removed  – it seems Hugh Harrop cannot abide any competition nor any criticism of his company so he will pursue and crush by process of punishment by police and legal #cancelculture


OrcaWatch Shetland orca

As said on twitter if she has concerns about me go to the police, the other posts are blatant lies. 

There are better ways to resolve conflict and I only asked where an Orca was.

I really feel they are now trying to pursue me until I am penniless and destitute.

The people are actively pursuing me on the internet to stop and interfere with anything I do  

Wall of silence from these #OrcaWatch Hugh Harrop Shetland orca

All this because I asked where an orca was and wanted to take part in #orcawatch

public online shaming kills 

Jul 3 #orcawatcham 


HR departments of any organisation, be it a workplace, volunteer organisation or charity now search for you online and of course now when they search for me, there will be a misrepresentation of me so I’ll be guilty before innocent with no chance of being able to work, or volunteer again or even join charitable organisations. 
And I noticed at the police station re surprise arrest re Hugh Harrop, I was treated like trash, guilty from the start and not allowed to state my case. 
These abusers are determined to destroy everything about me, everything. Just think about your life, everything. 
These abusers will be working offline emailing orgs on the chance I would be a member. 
Their automatic screenshot program collects everything I post on the internet. 
They also take any photo of you, that anyone has taken, or photos of your loved ones, your pets, even copyrighted photos to use against you – for making fake websites, for memes, for fake profiles, for abusive messages. These days, office family photos need to be a no no, the people in them could be a target. 
It’s a sad world when people don’t take you as you are but a fake misrepresentation put out by troubled people who have to discredit me to elevate themselves. 
You may mock this whole thing but it could happen to you in an instance, I could put a lie out about you, someone who doesn’t like you picks it up and you can say goodbye to your job, your career, your life as you know it now, even relationships, pet ownership, memberships, volunteering – everything you take for granted, anything you do for charity, friendships, everything will be biased against you. 
Even if I changed my name, I would have to build up an identity on the web, because absolutely nothing on the WWW would set off alarm bells. 
That’s why I tried to sort things out, to resolve, to find a solution, to fight so hard because I am a human being, just like you, with feelings, I make mistakes just like you. 
So when did you last google your name?

Why is this abuse? It is also additional online shaming/cancel culture

All this language is abuse: “change your attitude, do as I tell you, or we will punish you ie we will go to any organisation of which you are a member and in our fake persona ie fake profile, we will present you in a false light so you will be kicked out.
We will leave you with nothing and we will watch you every day for the rest of your life. You will never escape our control. 
Even if you comply with our wishes, we will still watch you, you will never be free of us, we will still try and control your life because after we have finished with you, no one will ever believe you and everyone will believe us when we say you are the nastiest person on the planet.” 
And there you have it, abuse. If this was within a relationship it could be stopped as domestic narcissistic abuse especially as it has been going on for 6 years, but it isn’t and so it goes on. 
Because they have some knowledge of narcissism, they pick and choose bits to accuse me, not the recognised DSM categories which have to all be present to diagnose someone as a narcissist.
I know they keep trying to label me a narcissist but I didn’t even get an average score in the psych quizzes I did, much lower in fact and I am confident in saying I know I am empathetic and have compassion.
These people are amateur psychologists, have no formal training or certification other than one that is photoshopped.
Therefore nothing they say is valid, even more so when they consistently hide behind fake profiles over and over again. 
The initial issue is nothing to do with these people but they have taken on this abusive mantle as it gives them kudos within the Shetland wildlife company and other whale and dolphin organisations especially anything to do with Orcas.
There are at least 7 people if not more constantly involved in this for the last 3 years.
These people are absolute strangers to me. I do not know them, do not wish to know them, do not want them anywhere in my life. 

This is a stranger, and a fake profile telling me they are monitoring me every day: Shetland Orca Sightings #OrcaWatch Hugh Harrop

I believe this happened so allegedly John Horner could police my business. He then got an ally in Lizzie Shepherd to online shame me, picking up gang members on the way. He also hacked into a lot of my accounts. Even from the start he was continually searching the internet to continue the online shaming. 
He then came across the trivial incident in Shetland and found pals there like Helen and those listed above to continue the online shaming and abuse. 
Even now, they continually search the internet to find ways to abuse and shame, searching forums and checking groups I may have joined.  
There is is no way to stop this. 
This abuser, who is a stranger, and who deliberately recruits other abusers is addicted to online & offline shaming my life for the rest of my life. For some reason of his own as I have no idea. 
And I cannot do anything about it, I think I should be able to especially after 8 years.
CAB states this on website, call the police they say, but my 8 years dont count, just enjoy life (telling a depressed person to cheer up! You will cheer up cos we’re telling you to do so) the police say after another visit and the accompaning nurse makes observations that are not true even the police have to correct them. Bit worrying for a psych nurse.  I know you were frustrated at this story but ive had years of this, you had a couple of days, it didnt help. I know you were trying to help but you havent lived this.#OrcaWatch Hugh Harrop

The blog

For those people who say I should not have written the blog, you are assuming it would have blown over, been forgotten and everything would return to normal- before the internet that would have been true. 

Before the blog:I know now I and my business were already being spied on and monitored on the internet. But that’s usually normal and called market research but this was being done to catch me out, to bring me down, for not a good reason.

When I was contacted the abuse was already on the internet (6 hours had already gone by), I was already being shunned by the photography community, already getting messages on my business website. I couldn’t go online without getting abuse. Many times I asked for it to stop and for things to be removed as the issue had been resolved but no. I couldn’t stop it and it didn’t stop.

I can still find this abuse, some of it has gone but it will always be there for the rest of my life, affecting my life for the rest of my life. It does not drop off a server or fade away, it stays on digital storage forever. 

What to do – never use the internet again, and live in a cave? 

So the blog. Am I not allowed to record what happened? I mean it’s already online I’ve just put it in order. They used their own names and I have invited them to sue me. 

Shetland. Again a little spat for which I have apologised many times. And again before the blog asked Tim Stenton to remove the FB post many times. Tim’s name was on WhatsApp and everyone there saw the 3 messages – 2 of which were which island and please I think without looking it up the first was where are they? And these set off complaints from other WhatsApps users. 

Guess who saw Tim’s post and waded in – John Horner-why? And who is this Helen person?

Who elected Helen to be judge and jury over a complete stranger?

Again, forever online, posts deliberately set to defame and discredit me and will affect my life for the rest of my life so again no going back to normal. 

The blog is a record of events. If I took it off, the abuse against me is still there forever, I would still have been removed from all orca groups, the events would still have happened as it was a lot of folk scouting groups to get me kicked out. There’s no going back to any normality. 

Oh and I was blocked from a Hebrides and cetacean group recently because I liked a picture of an orca

And as for my FB Page, there is nothing wrong with that. How many other pages have orca in the name. Look at company names Calmac and Calmax.

In a business workshop I went to – where do you put a tailor shop, in the middle of other tailors. There were so many people banned from the other page I always wanted my page to be information for us who were banned because I said all along everyone should be able to experience these lovely creatures and learn more about them not just the chosen few.

You sent the police out because I shared a FB post after you had posted the comment everyone can share

My images have been stolen to be used in malicious posts and are still visible on the web.

dec 9 2019. I had emailed HH and others to try and get this stopped and reversed because I know I cannot do another year like this. So I get an email from the police (really patronising). Funny how it’s the female POs that get the job. This is beginning to feel like intimidation by the police and HH. Now why is Karen Hall talking to the police. I thought she was employed by SNH so has Francesca O, the ceo of SNH authorised this? What lawful reason is she reporting me to the police? Never get an answer – always stonewalled. Never knew why.

it’s always on HH terms isn’t it. But I am equal not a subordinate and I am not going to be intimidated like this.

not a good night

I am a member of public, he runs a tour company and controls Orca Watch. ever been employed by him nor been on one of his tours. I have apologised a lot to Hugh Harrop and he knows this. 

A compromise as I mentioned to him in my email, roll everything back but it seems he doesn’t understand this so this is what it means:

he has to tell people in the #orcawatch community and people he knows who have done this on his behalf including John Horner & whoever is on the list in my blog to:-

  • Roll back the last 5 years back – obv. not going to happen. 
  • pay for therapy for depression, anxiety an for emotional distress
  • remove and destroy the screenshot grabber program that grabs anything I put on the internet
  • remove any tracking device 
  • remove and destroy the created website and pages that defame me
  • remove and destroy ALL photos you have stolen especially the one of Daisy
  • remove and delete ALL fake profiles, the list is on the blog, from social media and their content
  • remove ALL defamatory material from social media about me and I can check ie those to ex employees and BDMLR (saying I was a rogue MMM)
  • remove all references to mental health issues, mental health problems, mental health illness, narcissism
  • remove all blocks you put in place for FB UK cetacean groups named and those I’m not aware you have blocked me from and #OrcaWatch
  • leave my social media alone, stop reporting me constantly and getting social media lockdowns
  • to be allowed into cetacean sightings groups and WhatsApp as anyone who is interested in Cetaceans are
  • I am allowed to pursue my interests and hobbies whatever they are without interference inc #orcawatch
  • a restraining order for life on Helen Iliffe-Adsett and John Horner on and off the internet, including fake profiles and never to interfere in my life again.
  • NO MORE police visits or calls – stopped counting now as Im in double figures.
  • no more intimidation from anyone
  • you do not contact other people or groups wherever I might live
  • no more ‘alerting’ people outside social media
  • Karen Hall SNH to unblock me so I can follow Shetland cetaceans info
  • an apology from Tim Stenton and as I asked at the time he removes that post from FB. He needs to remove any fake profiles he may have set up. 
  • no more hacking into any of my accounts and gmail
  • an apology regarding the appalling comments about my parents and Daisy’s death
  • John Horner to delete his fake profiles notably @bemptonsula and NEVER to interfere in my life again
  • wherever it says in my blog I have been blocked, to unblock me
  • no more abusive messages on messenger
  • no sharing information about my van or registration number to anyone respect my space, no opening doors of my van without my permission from anyone
  • no more abuse, no more manipulation,
  • no more controlling, no more character assassination, no more online shaming or abuse
  • take part in #orcawatch

My blog stays, it is my story. 

All I want to do is be retired with no interference and to watch wildlife, #orcawatch and socialise with like minded people.

got arrested 13 dec 2019 for communications act by Hugh Harrop Shetland Orca and Karen Hall SNH #orcawatch

#hughharrop gets me arrested 4 being annoying Questions were only about website & social media WHOIS & google search wld hv answered these vs 7 PO transport 2 & fr MH 5 hours at station so Karen Hall SNH going 2 hv me arrested 2? Don’t forget the 2nd arrest because he wanted confirmation of my email @francescaSNH#SNH#shetland#orca#shetlandwildlife this is now double digits of getting the police involved. Plus read the definition of online shaming and asking questions on social media is not online shaming.

I have NOT stolen any photos unlike these abusers who have stolen and used a lot of mine to libel me.

Hugh Harrop has me arrested again in 2023. Spent 19 hours in a holding cell, stripped, searched. He has stolen my pilot whale photo and is possible a member in all the groups I’ve been blocked from and runs #orcawatch

These people are strangers, they do not know me, everything they have put online and spread is fake with no evidence. They made it all up to discredit me.

was at Elgin – police car parked behind van no 8

drove to howgills to escape – police knock on door at 22:00 visit no 9

asked Shetland to remove marker on van

I’m really being messed around by the police now.

Then police checked van Monday and Wednesday then I asked them to take the marker off my van.

My anxiety and depression is through the roof. I have no family and nowhere to go.

I am not a second class citizen.

so This is what I said #smallsteps refused by #hughharrop#getsmearrested 4 being annoying, #shetland #shetlandwildlife #snh #karenhall #depression #anxiety which is true and they have got my twitter account suspended rather than talk and resolve this

This has to be resolved for the best of both sides or they will be monitoring everything I put on the internet until I die. They openly admit on SM they police all my SM. Plus they try and control my private life. I have offered to talk to everyone in this as you can see from the blog. No doubt they will get the police involved again. They don’t want me to have a social media ban because they won’t be able to police me. They stonewall any offer of communication to resolve this.

twitter account back up

#orcawatch Hugh Harrop

not used my twitter account for days – again they have got it suspended 3 jan 2019

my social media accounts are all restricted (so I don’t know I’m banned) by my abusers who would rather shut me up then talk to resolve this.
I am really struggling at the moment. I have tried to talk to people, to resolve this, but all I’m getting is arrested.

caught up in the catch 22 system of Police Scotland. They have this new system but you can’t make a complaint unless you know a PO name but they won’t tell you any names. Very aggressive young officers. Shetland police are not responding for my request for information. Police motto is protect and serve!

Don’t forget Hugh Harrop knew what was going on especially the trial by internet where he was copied into posts. He obviously told them to strike out his name as they were reposted with his name crossed out. #OrcaWatch Hugh HarropI#orcawatch Hugh Harrop#orcawatch Hugh Harrop
and this is what #OrcaWatch, WDC, Karen Hall SNH and all the cetacean groups in Scotland are siding with instead of any meaningful dialogue to resolve this oh ps they got round the comment about being blocked this way: as Hugh Harrop has blocked me and I can’t see his posts, he posted any cetacean news to the sightings page any recent orcas so I could not see it and still can’t see any cetacean info

from a FB group I joined 22/07/20 I had no idea she was there, I hadn’t joined in with this post so I am not the only one who gets it. #orcawatch Hugh Harrop

#orcawatch Hugh HarropSo she knew it was illegal to use a photo of me when they constructed the website used to defame me, of course they knew

#OrcaWatch Hugh HarropSo Hugh Harrop took the photo of me which they cropped and used on a website to deliberately conduct a smear campaign against me and being a professional photographer Hugh would have known, as I do, this is illegal but yet he passed on that photo to whoever created that website.

and he still wants to take me to court?

my email address has now been used to sign petitions I have no intention of signing so guess I’m still being monitored by these folk. Just doesn’t stop does it.

yes this is messy, it’s because it has been distressing and I’m not editing it, wysiwyg.

#OrcaWatch Hugh harrop#OrcaWatch Hugh Harrop