Lizzie Shepherd Photography does online shaming

Lizzie Shepherd Photography does online shaming

Lizzie Shepherd Photography does online shaming

Lizzie Shepherd Photography. Around 9am unknown to me: Lizzie Shepherd Photography starts a topic on her Facebook page about a technical sentence. 

The start of the smear campaign by John Horner (JH) Digital Swaledale. His ‘Flying monkeys’: Lizzie Shepherd Photography, Mark Littlejohn, Kirsten Berg, Guy Aubertin, Valda Bailey, Doug Chinnery, Sean Goswell, Goexplorephoto, Robin Hudson, Breenster, Karl M Photo. All with LPOTY Take a View connections. The Obsessed Flying Monkeys #narcissisticabusers #gaslighters #smearcampaign #degraders #onlineshame #onlineabuse #cancelculture

“There are two types of people, those who contribute and those who detract. You must learn that the best way to build your career and your life is through your own achievements, not by attacking the achievements of others. People will always remember what type of person you are, and they will trust or distrust you accordingly.”

I find it pitiable that they have resorted to elevating themselves at the expense of other people.

I refuse to over apologise for my mistakes, misunderstandings and miscalculations. I will make amends when necessary but I won’t grovel.

Around 3pm I get an email from Lizzie Shepherd Photography  ‘I’m so disappointed in you …….’.  I resolved the issue and got back to work. Then I had a funny feeling ….. and looked at her Facebook page

  • What happened next?
  • The abuse was still going on even though the issue was resolved
  • LIzzie Shepherd photography had not mentioned this had been resolved
  • i mentioned it and got a lot of abuse for days
  • asked people to stop many times
  • had to close business website down, and all SM
  • eventually closed business down, lost a lot of money
  • LS JH contact RPS at least 3 times to take LRPS off me
  • contact my wordpress host to close me down
  • JH monitoring my websites 60 plus times a day
  • JH still monitoring my websites to this day 8 years on
  • fake account Joescally53 hacks into gmail, FB, Twitter accounts
  • tried to talk to LS twice, she runs away
  • try to talk to JH he reports me to the police for stalking
  • JH admits to police he has been looking at my websites, told to stop, he doesn’t
  • JH tells me details of my life 10 years ago JH rings people in Shetland, Hugh Harrop, Tim Stenton

I see a pattern here. There is a female photographer who lives near John Horner. She has recently gained some qualifications in photography.
However, in 2018, when she updated her social media profiles, she made a small mistake which indicated it was from the RPS and not from the photographers with disabilities. John Horner online shamed her and again went to the RPS to complain to take the qualification from her. After seeing quite a few online shaming posts, I contacted her with my story.

She was able to contact the police and get it stopped, thank goodness because there is no way I would want anyone to go through the same thing.

I refuse to cater to your demands. I’m prepared to be co-operative when common sense demands that but I am no-one’s doormat or lackey.

It’s practically word for word what these people were doing to me. Unfortunately a lot of organisations believed them without even knowing me.

I refuse to engage in circular arguments with you as you only create these to invalidate and to devalue me.

I have had many days with suicidal thoughts. 

This is just a summary, the long version was written as happened. 

And if you think it has stopped even though he is blocked

Lizzie Shepherd Photography & John Horner narcissistic abuse
Lizzie Shepherd Photography & John Horner narcissistic abuse

These people are involved in this too

Recently after a visit to N Yorks Police, who after a lengthy interview said they couldn’t do anything, I spent the evening chucking down nurofen and whisky, it failed unfortunately – all this because of a sentence which Lizzie Shepherd Photography assumed i was goong to leave as is and not put in my own words

So im ostracised, they are trying to control my life, interfering with ex employers, my hobbies and interests and have now got twitter to block me – on #bluemonday, #mentalhealthmonday #narcissticabuse Every 2 weeks for about 3 months they get me banned from Twitter. I now can’t use social media.

You’ll read this next bit and say “that’s nothing”, then add the fact this has been going on for at least 8 years monitoring me day after day. I know who @bemptonsula is but I can’t prove it, and this stranger knows I know. I know it is a John Horner and he knows I know. So I go and have some repair work at Highlandcampervans February 2019. I need to contact them again and I know it’s quicker through twitter. Soon after @bemptonsula is RT one of their tweets, they have never had anything to do with them before but coincidentally they decide out of the blue soon after I have had my van repaired to RT them.

Both Helen & John contact people I reply to on SM. I know this sounds silly but I have lots of coincidental examples from the many fake profiles John Horner and Helen ILiffe-Adsett have used. That’s why I don’t say where I am or what I am doing and prefer not to be in shot. 

I refuse to take the bait when you assume the victims position due to me just being me, I see your projections of your own crap onto me.

I refuse to interact with troubled souls.

Why is this narcissistic abuse?

All this language is abuse: “change your attitude, do as I tell you, or we will punish you ie we will go to any organisation of which you are a member and in our fake persona ie fake profile we will present you in a false light so you will be kicked out. We will leave you with nothing and we will watch you every day for the rest of your life. You will never escape our control. 

Even if you comply with our wishes, we will still watch you, you will never be free of us, we will still try and control your life because after we have finished with you, no one will ever believe you and everyone will believe us when we say you are the nastiest person on the planet.” 

And there you have it, narcissistic abuse. If this was within a relationship it could be stopped as domestic narcissistic abuse especially as it has been going on for 9 years, but it isn’t and so it goes on. 

Because they have some knowledge of narcissism, they pick and choose bits to accuse me, not the recognised DSM categories which have to all be present to diagnose someone as a narcissist. 

I know they keep trying to label me a narcissist but I didn’t even get an average score when I did the countless quizzes on the net, much lower in fact and I am confident in saying I know I am empathetic and have compassion. 

These people are amateur psychologists, have no formal training or certification other than one that is photoshopped. Therefore nothing they say is valid, even more so when they consistently hide behind fake profiles over and over again. 

The initial issue is nothing to do with these people but they have taken on the abusive mantle as it gives them kudos within the Shetland wildlife company and other whale and dolphin organisations especially anything to do with Orcas: or kudos within the photography community and leading photography companies in which they would like to work.

These people are absolute strangers to me. I do not know them, do not wish to know them, do not want them anywhere in my life. 

This is a stranger, and a fake profile telling me they are monitoring me every day:

Lizzie Shepherd Photography John Horner narcissistic abuse
Lizzie Shepherd Photography John Horner narcissistic abuse

Normal conversations generally go from one person to another, involving compromises, or agreeing to disagree. And as you see, at every step I tried to contact people to sort out the situation and Lizzie Shepherd Photography didnt even tell people i had resolved this

Utube has been a great recovery and grounding tool for me especially Dr Les Carter and his dog Gus. He delivers his subject with clarity and has been a great help.

As an update, I was thinking about taking my own life at the end of June, cue police and psych nurse, bad interview and again had more abuse a week later saying if someone in Shetland commits suicide, the police won’t have far to look, meaning me.

I’d been reading Sue Scheff Shame Nation and anything on online shaming, and put a lot of their recommendations in place. I’ve also starting meditating, eye movement and any therapy that is useful to try and heal a bit faster. Since July 5 I have not had any abuse of any kind, the first time in over 3 years.

and to all the people involved in this for so many years and the silent ones etc shame on you for putting me through this

Same people involved with Lizzie Shepherd Photography involved in this