Why is this narcissistic abuse?

Why is this narcissistic abuse?

All this language is abuse: “change your attitude, do as I tell you, or we will punish you ie we will go to any organisation of which you are a member and in our fake persona ie fake profile we will present you in a false light so you will be kicked out. We will leave you with nothing and we will watch you every day for the rest of your life. You will never escape our control. 

Even if you comply with our wishes, we will still watch you, you will never be free of us, we will still try and control your life because after we have finished with you, no one will ever believe you and everyone will believe us when we say you are the nastiest person on the planet.” 

And there you have it, narcissistic abuse. If this was within a relationship it could be stopped as domestic narcissistic abuse especially as it has been going on for 9 years, but it isn’t and so it goes on. 

Because they have some knowledge of narcissism, they pick and choose bits to accuse me, not the recognised DSM categories which have to all be present to diagnose someone as a narcissist. 

I know they keep trying to label me a narcissist but I didn’t even get an average score, much lower in fact and I am confident in saying I know I am empathetic and have compassion. 

These people are amateur psychologists, have no formal training or certification other than one that is photoshopped. Therefore nothing they say is valid, even more so when they consistently hide behind fake profiles over and over again. 

The initial issue is nothing to do with these people but they have taken on the abusive mantle as it gives them kudos within the Shetland wildlife company and other whale and dolphin organisations especially anything to do with Orcas: or kudos within the photography community and leading photography companies in which they would like to work.

I have cPTSD, it is a very slow recovery but I am very slowly recovering.

There are at least 2 people if not more constantly involved in this for the last 3 years. These people are absolute strangers to me. I do not know them, do not wish to know them, do not want them anywhere in my life. 

This is a stranger, and a fake profile telling me they are monitoring me every day:

Normal conversations generally go from one person to another, involving compromises, or agreeing to disagree. And as you see from the watching Shetland wildlife post, at every step I tried to contact people to sort out the situation.

Utube has been a great recovery and grounding tool for me especially Dr Les Carter and his dog Gus. He delivers his subject with clarity and has been a great help.