Tim Stenton and being a visitor in Shetland

Tim Stenton didn’t treat me like a visitor in Shetland

update 2024 still blocked, now getting anonymous hate mail through the post, constantly reported to police. Still unresolved. 

2018 I was hounded out of whalewatching organisations/groups, had constant abuse, and complete character assassination by Sue Braid, Susan Braid, Tim Stenton, Nooti, Gail Leask, Helen Liffe-Adsett, Steve Truluck, Karen Munro, albertecclefan, dory dean, dorydean1 and many others. 

Right from the start I tried to contact Hugh Harrop to sort this but he refused any sort of communication. He is also in contact with John Horner or vv either way they are in contact.

Lies about being wanted by the police, police being sent for sharing Facebook posts, saying my stalker didn’t exist, awful comments about my mum and dads death – no civilised person tells other people how to grieve or say they are lying about dementia and cancer – below the line only a very cruel person does that especially as Daisy dog was put down a month ago.

Making sure Orca cancelled my membership and course. Orca.web called me abusive and didn’t want me in their organisation.

Trial by lies and internet by an anonymous troll.

I only wanted to see Orcas. My 40 odd years of conservation, working and volunteering, being the best RSPB membership recruiter in my time, beginning with learning about wildlife in Kenya and the UK has come to an end

I know what fake profile Sue Braid is doing – everything I say he/she will say it’s a lie  my dad died of dementia – SB says no etc.

Whale watching was a new found activity a few years ago that was perfect for helping my depression and helping to get over what was an extremely stressful 10 years.
I have been hounded out of this interest by people set on getting me removed from any whale watching group I join on Facebook and twitter.
All these charities want you to join and help but they don’t help you when you are hounded by their own volunteers.
Apparently they disown their volunteers in that instant by saying they were wearing a different hat even though these people volunteer for them.
  • So Hugh Harrop has now got my twitter account disabled. But won’t tell me about the nasty webpage they created to stop any Cetacean organisation adding me ie I can’t watch whales anywhere in the uk

Not one of the other whale and dolphin societies has contacted me when I asked why I was blocked.

This is from Tim Stenton FB :

Since your Facebook post mentions me (Tim Stenton) by name I feel compelled to respond as follows.
I include your post in full below (I have of course also taken screen shots as it appears on Facebook).

I’ve come out of all the Shetland wildlife groups. I only came to Shetland for the wildlife.
Can I ask that people work together to give directions on WhatsApp. Yesterday was awful trying to see the Orcas. Trying to get directions was like trying to extract teeth with a blunt instrument. I was parked by the west sandwick turning Tim Stenton had stopped and asked if I had seen them. He knew I was looking for them.
I was told they were behind an island off west sandwick so I look on the map – 3 islands
So I guess. Then told they, the watchers, were on a headland off WS. The whole of Shetland is a headland!
Then I get a long message about people complaining about me posting on WhatsApp
Which is a bit rich considering what’s been on there recently!
Did any of them message me as it was bloody obvious I was trying to find them?
And no I didn’t see them, nor am I likely to see any more now

then as you can see on Tim Stenton page I immediately said sorry for the rant

Tim Stenton again: Your post and my response refers to the events of Friday 21st July, the Orca in question being those seen in Yell Sound.
In response to WhatsApp (WA) posting about Orca seen off Ulsta I headed north. By the time I arrived on Yell they were in the sound heading north, this was around 11.45.
On the way north I saw Dee Etch’s motorhome. This was parked about 1.5 km S of West Sandwick. Since I was passing I briefly stopped and ascertained via hand signals that she had not seen the orca. To put this in context this took less than 10 seconds and there was no dialogue. I continued on N to West Sandwick, parking at the beach. Over the next 45 minutes or so various updates were posted on the WA group. Due to my location the Orca were hidden behind West Holm so I could not see them though I knew from the WA updates that they were there.
Between 12.10 and 12.32 Dee or Dorcas Etch posted 6 messages on WA. None of which provided any assistance in terms of locating the animals. Let’s consider how WA works. Each post is sent to up to 256 people – so over 1500 messages in total. Not everyone is fortunate to be able to spend 8+ weeks on holiday in a luxury motorhome. At the time of the sighting most people would be going about their normal daily activities, working or looking after their families. Dee’s actions potentially involved people stopping what they were doing, or stopping their vehicle and pulling over to the side of the road, 1500 times. At 30 seconds per message that is over 12 hours of wasted time. Why? – just to satisfy her impatience and ineptitude in attempting to see Orca. (Tim Stenton is talking to a visitor here btw me )
The purpose of the WA group is surely to provide assistance in seeing Orca and other marine mammals. Inevitably it is not without faults, but generally it works very well, thanks largely to the people who put in the time in observing and reporting information. Much of the sightings information yesterday originated from wildlife guides who were working, i.e. taking out paying clients to show them the wildlife. Rather than whinging about their specific experiences Dee should be grateful that such information is freely provided on a non-chargeable basis to anyone that wants it. I have watched wildlife in many places both within the UK and overseas and have never experienced the willingness to share information that currently exists on Shetland.
Returning to the specifics of the sighting. Having seen me head north and north and not return, did it not occur to you to follow? After all you weren’t even in West Sandwick. The purpose of the WA information is to provide general information not to give you views of specific animals. If you need that perhaps you should consider retaining the services of one of the wildlife tour companies that exist on Shetland. The information provided on WA requires interpretation in terms of knowledge of the animal, and local geography, but nothing that a competent naturalist with an OS map couldn’t resolve. Why did you not look for the people who were seeing the orca and providing updates?
Incidentally my views of the Orca were limited to two brief periods, each of a few seconds duration, at a distance of many km. That is wildlife watching but if it hadn’t been for the WA group I wouldn’t even have had those limited opportunities.
In summary I suggest that you stop being so selfish and critical of others. It is not my or anyone else’s responsibility to help you see Orca. I understand that you have now removed yourself from the group – the term ‘throwing your toys out of your pram springs to mind’.

Deb Edwards :There are a lot of people out there who think that wildlife should be well behaved and show themselves on request!!
Dorcas: I lived in Kenya and no I don’t
Kerry O’Grady: Ha ha…having spent my whole life looking for Orcas I presume people who are new to Cetacean watching have no idea what a frustrating task it can be…TV programs give a wrong idea about how accessible the Wolves of the Sea are. And I have many photos of cetacean Footprints to prove it!
Dorcas: Yes I do know
Dorcas: I have only just seen this. I’m not just on holiday. I live in my van, it is my home. I have just sold my folks house. After being a carer for 5 years for my Dad who had dementia I left the job market at 50. I cannot afford to buy another house and I don’t know where I want to live. I did have a photography workshop business but I’ve also had an online stalker who decided to destroy that. And I lost thousands of pounds. As to this situation I found out later he had tweeted the position at the time but this was not put on WhatsApp. I was at the top of west sandwick but could not see anyone and I just couldn’t work out which headland they were talking about. I am not on holiday, my van is my home. Today I was actually at a good viewing point before anyone else rocked up. Guess what Tim Stenton does, runs off in a strop when he sees my van. My fieldcraft was spot on and I’m sorry but everyone has a right to see these animals not just the touring groups. And lady before you bitch about people, pet, maybe find out the facts first because I’m sure you are just a normal human being doing the best you can in life just like me.

In between the next few comments was a lot of abuse from one of Tims groupies who also told me to piss off.

The 3 app msgs were something like which island? Then which headland? Then please?

Yes he ran away up the road and yes I did park properly as much out of the way I could given the other cars. I have no choice at the moment but to live in a van and if I choose to put the blind up that’s my choice. You too have a nice day.

Btw Tim Stenton, Hugh Harrop has used my pilot whale shot from WhatsApp without asking. (Hugh Harrop from Shetland Wildlife who passed it on to a charity. I wouldn’t have minded but did have to chase it up and against my principles let it go for a credit)

lol I’m not a pensioner- nice language tho

The woman who told me to piss off has deleted her posts.

Unfortunately Tim Stenton used my real name in his comment which will at some point be searchable and hey presto everyone will see it’s linked with this name.

I had a lovely 3 months of anonymity where my internet presence hadn’t been constantly looked at and scrutinised.

John Horner was visiting my business website over 30 times a day every day for at least 3 – 4 years if not longer and no I don’t know why.

As I can be identified by this please delete as per #dataprotection. Thanks

Tim Stenton due to the new #dataprotection act I can ask you to remove this as it is a public post and can be searched. Having contacted ICC I also have the right to be forgotten online. And as a last resort my will states that any reference to me online will be deleted. Thanks.

I’ve asked about 7 times now and he’s obviously not going to do anything, not even on my birthday.

He had also looked up the price my van as he made a cutting remark which he later deleted similar to – if you can afford a van of £50,000 then you can afford to pay to go on a wildlife tour.

Because of this Tim Stenton, Hugh Harrop, Michelle Harrop blocked me from seeing any wildlife information in Shetland.

 They are deleting posts on Shetland Orca Sightings just so I can’t see them. As Hugh Harrop blocked me ie I couldn’t see his posts, HH then posted all the sightings so I wasn’t able to see them.