Margaret Meek false allegations

Margaret Meek ex Kinlochbervie community councillor framed me, and also falsely accused me of the criminal offence of impersonating her. However, it cannot be removed from the police system.

All part of the Gangstalking cancelculture

23/8/22 Margaret Meek also baiting me on a site in which I’m not a member, NC500thedirtytruth.

Update – more threats.

Noel Hawkins Margaret Meek Ruth Davey Watts

UPDATE – also first threat by Noel Hawkins see Ullapool Seasavers

Deal with

So he also demands police deal with this or ‘they’ will. He has also lied to BDMLR and about the Police. If anything happens to me or my van there is a record. I have not threatened or spoken to any child in Ullapool. I have also not harassed anyone in Ullapool or any group.

Noel Hawkins also uses all these accounts @klondyker, @ullapoolqueen, @ullapoolcraic, and a charity Ullapool Seasavers to spy on me. Noel Hawkins also posts details of my van including photos, VRN and reports me to the police for being in Ullapool. So I am now a sitting target for a lynch mob.

He is ex Scottish Wildlife Trust, ex BDMLR and drives the Ullapool high school bus or not. He keeps changing his mind about this one.

Ruth Davey (Watts) and Kinlochbervie community councillor Margaret meek set up by Helen iliffe Adsett @ co.

Fake profiles 

They set up 2 fake profiles of myself and Margaret Meek Kinlochbervie, also stole her photos, went around harassing others and said it was me. Whereupon Margaret Meek Kinlochbervie claimed I was impersonating her and reported the REAL me to the police. Nothing to do with me.

About 70 people involved in the really nasty abuse and I have all the names and screenshots.


Also 2 ex police officers ’advised’ Margaret Meek Kinlochbervie and others on what to charge me with without doing any investigation. She continues to post blatent lies about me online. One of the ex police officers is Richard Wright, 30 years in cyber forensics. Also couldn’t spot a fake profile?

They created 2 fake profiles of me. There are bound to be more. They used them to harass other people saying it was me and encouraging them to report the real me to the police which they did.

He couldn’t spot the fake profiles they created and believed their lies.


I will post the nasty screenshots one day. only one person can judge me and it’s not one of these, cast the first stone etc. I do know not to judge on gossip. Lee Quince, Robin Pettigrew, Trish Bangor-Jones, Gillian Stephenson, Sean Logie, Richard Wright, Ian Wilcox, Helen Iliffe-Adsett, Ruth Davey (Watts), Jon Adams Peterson, Noel Hawkins, 6 madratter accounts.

Plus previous fake profiles mentioned, firecloud, dreamonagain, John Horner, Patricia Letford, Allan Cameron, Jean Elen Hall, Kevin Laird, Jode Lane, Eileen Wild, Gillian McPherson, Steph Thomas, Sharon Jane, Sally Moore, Verity T Hope, make the call, Tommy Anderson, Jack Matheson, Megan Scott plus lots of other fake profiles, Ross Dakers, Stephen MacKay etc Sheil Motley, Steve Birrell, Amber Davis, Daniel Grey, Rhianne Kohnston, Alice Suner, Geoff Starkie, ullapool Seasavers, Ullapoolqueen, Ullapool craic, Catherine Mclean, Tariq Sheikh, Dierdre Henderson, Echlin Wright, Barbara Jones, Christine Grace, Rich Gunn, Victor Roney, Trevor McKay, visitandtravel, Margaret Meek Kinlochbervie

Margaret meek kinlochbervie

Plus they stole my late fathers photo (see post ) from the RNLI in memorium page and stole my late dog Daisys photo and sent with with abusive messages on Fathers Day 2021. This fake profile is nothing to do with me. I found it very distressing.