Understanding Ruth Davey’s Intrusive Behavior

Ruth Davey or Ruth Davey Watts. I asked her well over 2 years ago to stop contacting me or referring to me on social media.

I sent a cease and desist letter. yes it was a template but it stated clearly to cease and desist. It would have been pretty clear to any reasonable person it was a notice to stop.

She decided to be pedantic about it and carried on, blocking me and posting lots of ’leave me alone’ posts so others blame me.

She is one of the main people in this gangstalking, writing lots of letters and emails to MSPs, police and interfering in private business that does not concern her.

Ruth Davey considers the letter abuse and harassment.

All these ’please stop’ happened after my cease and desist letter telling her to stop.

I do not know her, nor wish to have any contact.

Tracking me

When one time I visited Ullapool without advertising the fact, within half an hour she had announced my arrival on social media. She lives in Stornaway in the Hebrides.

Ruth Davey tries to keep referring to me in other FB groups even now 2024.

She makes false allegations to police and MSPs, gaslights, lies, meddles, sticks her nose in my business where it is not wanted, gossips and spreads rumours given to her by other people behind locked profiles.

I would also like to stress I have never met any of her family nor mentioned her father, nor referred to them in any way.

She’s now blaming me for her husbands heart attack ……

15/4/22 Ruth Davey cannot understand the concept of boundaries or the word ‘no’. She was told 2 years ago to cease and desist. She cannot understand the word ‘No’. No means No. Stop means Stop. My private life is none of your business.

Who I write emails to is none of your business. Any SAR I request is none of your business. All this is none of your business. It’s not your business to track my movements or to put on social media where I am and what I am doing. It’s none of your business.

No means No. Stop means Stop. My private life is not your life. My private life is none of your business.

The RPS is not investigating me and you have been told this many times now but seem to refuse to accept their decision and are trying to force an event that is not going to happen and in fact you are now harassing them 2023.

There is no abuse of any charity, this is blatant lies.

Ruth Davey watts

After Ruth Davey has been told to stop meddling in my life, she then uses my quote about DARVO against me with further lies.

That is DARVO. And no my life is none of your business. No means No. Stop means Stop.


You can see it on my blog. Ruth Davey Watts has been told for the last 2 years to stop meddling in my life. No means no. Stop means stop. She has no concept of boundaries or the word no. RDW wrote a public post full of lies to deliberately demean, to incite hate, to make you hate me with my quote then reported me for bullying for reposting a post designed for you to hate me as I had said she had been told for over 2 years to stop this. No means no. Stop means stop.

Classic DARVO

This classic mistaken identity from 2 years ago where she harassed an innocent woman saying it was me – 1 out of 68 screenshots. You know why? Apparently we have the same black glasses. If Murtle and Jody see this, please contact me to confirm, thanks. Same thing is happening in 2024 with mistaken identity.

she has multiple accounts of Ruth Davey.