Some Fotodayz Testimonials

As Fotodayz is due to be deleted 2016 I’d thought I’d save my Guestbook entries

By Henrietta 18th October 2015

Hi Dorcas – just to say what a great time I had on Skye, the moment the ferry docked, I had my camera out as the sun was hitting the mountains across the Sound. The Sligachan hotel and area offered fabulous views, didn’t really need to go far on foot to get a decent image, but loved also the ride in your vintage VW van with the lovely Daisy (dog) at the helm and keeping watch over our kit. Thanks for doing so much driving we certainly covered most of the island. Ok mixed bag of weather but it was challenging. Thanks too for the 5D pointers, very helpful, and for the master class on Lightroom, definitely getting this for Christmas! Look forward to seeing you again.

By Pete  06th October 2015

Great week on Skye, shame the weather let us down on a couple of mornings. Thanks for the extra mile on the Thursday.

By Derek B – 28th March 2015

Just to say we had a great time on Lindisfarne thank you so much for all your help Showing: Hide from visitors Report as spam

By Karan  18th December 2013

I enjoyed the day at Malham. Dorcas was very patient and explained stuff well. I’m glad I brought several sets of batteries because they didn’t like the cold.

By Roger 13th November 2013

A really enjoyable few days in and around Malham. Weather could have been kinder but I learned (or possibly re-learned) some skills which I will find most useful in the future.

By Nick – 18th March 2013

Hi Dorcas Thanks for an interesting weekend. Really enjoyed the workshop, the people and the places visited. The note are a great summary to the technical aspects of the weekend and will serve as a reminder on the occasions I forget. Nick

By Sara  11th March 2013

I’d like to recomend Fotodayz Swaledale Tour Guidebook – I followed the tour today. It is a brilliant guide! I’ve really had a good day, learned lots too.

By Arthur – 19th November 2012

Thanks for the nice Holiday. Ok you had us out in the rain. Its gave me a new look to go out more no matter what the weather is like. Well looked after.Thanks Dorcas.

By Danya- 23rd June 2012

Dear Dorcas thank you very much for the inspiring days which have left me reeling with impressions. For myself, I very much benefited from the individual tuition. Some of the pictures look very pleasing on a ‘grown up’ screen. I look forward to reading and digesting the information, for which thank you.

By Andy – 05th September 2011

Dorcas, Just like to say thank you for an enjoyable, interesting and informative day out I believe I learnt a lot and I am looking forward to putting it all into practise. Today I have been out and bought my first piece of my shopping list and I now have a remote cable shutter release. So here’s to some good photo,s. Thank you. Andy

By Derrick – 10th November 2009

Dorcas thanks for a great day out (despite the rain) on Saturday 7 Nov 09at Malham. i left feeling so much more informed and ready for the next stage of my photographic life. the help and information surpassed all my expectations. i cannot thank you enough

By Ben – 03rd April 2011

I will try again to send a message, thanks for all the knowledge and instrution that you passed onto me over the three day, pitty about the weather but I have some great photos, will send some up when sorted. Thanks again for opening up the world of the camera Ben

By Ben  – 22nd March 2011

Thanks for all the information and knowledge that you imparted on this beginer, pity about the weather but I have still got some great photos that I will download to you soon. Hotel was excellent for the price, recommend this to anyone, thank you again.

By Steve  – 16th August 2010

It isn’t often that you’re expectations are fulfilled 100% but our day in Malham did just that. Dorcas was knowledgeable and communicated at a level that even I could understand. Thank you

By Paul – 23rd July 2010

Did a workshop with Dorcas at Malham, Yorkshire Dales. She proved to be very easy to get along with, was very knowledgeable and gave clear to follow instructions. Plenty of personal attention and over all good information.

By Paul  – 23rd July 2010

Did a workshop with Dorcas at Malham, Yorkshire Dales. She proved to be very easy to get along with, was very knowledgeable and gave clear to follow instructions. Plenty of personal attention and over all good information.

By Tim  – 20th April 2010

Thank you for running such an enjoyable course last Saturday. I really got a lot out of the day.

By David  – 24th October 2009

Hi Dorcas, Thank you very much for a very enjoyable and fruitful weekend. I am over the moon with some of the shots we achieved and very grateful for the patience you showed for me a complete novice. The location, the course content/ tuition and the company where all top class for me. Thanks and regards David.

By Ian – 17th October 2009

Thanks a realy good day,apart from a sunset.fab misty morning on hadrians wall.

By Ron- 05th July 2009

What a marvellous day’s Landscape course. Dorcas was so polite and helpful explaining and encouraging me to have ago away from my past comfort zone. The tea party by the quite roadside during the lunch break came in handy too. Thank you Dorcas, I really enjoyed my day.

By Angela  – 18th May 2009

Hi, I just wanted to say what a brilliant day I had despite the awful butterflies that transformed when kind words and clear advice joined together in beautiful relaxing surroundings to create some fantastic snap shots that I still am looking at in photoshop. I have recommended your workshops to everyone and I look forward to having a go at getting close up in the meadows too, This is just the start of a wonderful life of creativity, Thank you for your patience and kindness Angela

By Stuart  – 16th May 2009

Thank you for a brilliant day out in Swaledale and your practical and helpful advice. I have learnt so much in a short space of time which has improved my photography considerably.

By Alan  – 10th April 2009

Thanks for a good day out with lots of information and good tips, all I have to do now is put all of your good work to use. regards Alan

By Philip – 14th May 2009

Despite the weather I would like to thank you for a very enjoyable workshop this past weekend. The location, and your local insight, were invaluable to providing a solid foundation to the workshop. Having someone looking over my shoulder and reconstructing my composition is exactly what I needed to (hopefully) take my photography to the next stage. Not to forget the bird and plant spotting lessons!

By NIgel  – 07th April 2009

the whole point of the day for me was to rejuvenate my interest in my photography, something it did do so I am happy at that. Since then I have been over to Aysgarth falls, Thorpe Perrow, Swaledale and High force in Teesdale so I think it may have just done the trick.

By Paul  – 20th March 2009

My Dad loved it, and hasn’t shut up about the day since. We both got a lot from it and hope to it again this year. Many thanks!

By Olwyn  – 15th December 2008

Print of the barn arrived yesterday and is truly beautiful. Thank you once again. Have a peaceful Christmas and a great 2009 Olwyn Oamaru, NZ

By Chris – 04th December 2008

Thanks again for a great day – really enjoyed myself. I think I’ve taken a lot more from the course than I was expecting

By Pascal  – 16th October 2008

Dorcas Eatch est anglaise, et elle photographie son pays avec simplicité et talent. Ses images sont paisibles et belles, c’est un vrai plaisir de les découvrir sur son site.

By Tom – 19th September 2008

Thank you for a fascinating, really instructive, and enjoyable day, I feel much more confident using the resources of my DSLR camera and am going to be inspired to work at my photograhy as art in itself rather than a mere tool for my painting!!! We are going to be revisiting our favourite Dales locations with a fresh eye. Great to have helpful follow-up notes. The only downside was the result of standing in the rain,behind my tripod, holding an umbrella and peering through the viewfinder all day which I was too interested and involved to notice until next morning!! Thanks again Tom

By Tim  – 17th September 2008

Thankyou very much for a great day out in Swaledale. I learnt so much about my camera thanks to your clear and practical explanations and was well happy with the resulting photos. I’d recommend anyone who’s bought a new camera and feels a bit overwhelmed to get on one of your courses. I can’t wait to get out in the countryside again and take some more. Thanks again!

By Linda  – 12th September 2008

Thank you so much for your time and patience yesterday, I really enjoyed the day, learned so much and am really pleased with what I took under your expert tuition.

By Phil  – 18th August 2008

Hi Dorcas I checked out your site as a fellow photographer, inpressive images, you certainly have a natural talent. You manage to capture the atmosphere of a scene so well! Phil

By Jill  – 13th July 2008

What a wonderful day! Thank you for your patience, your knowledge and for your ability to be a parrot in repeating the same thing over and over so that I could finally say ‘I’ve got it!’ Well hopefully. I have taken some amazing shots, which I will proudly forward to you and hope you will be as proud as me for helping me to achieve them. I am definitely inspired and will hopefully see you again very soon. Many many thanks.

By Judy- 18th June 2008

Thank you for a great day of photography on Sunday. The hay meadows were at their best and it was wonderful to be able to takes photos in those conditions, with the help of your expert advice.

By Jill  – 15th June 2008

Thank you so much for a fantastic day. The scenary was amazing and you explained everything in such an easy to understand way that I now feel I actually know about plus and minus to correct the exposure of a shot!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and will definitely be coming on another course to learn more. Roll on July!

By Kath – 12th June 2008

Thanks again for a brilliant time yesterday; I really enjoyed it.

By Ian  – 07th June 2008

Thanks for another brilliant day & workshop. Your patience and encouragement is really whats needed when you’re learning and trying to get your head round all the know-how & techniques needed to take a good shot – without the techno-babble! You make it seem easy!

By Sally  – 03rd June 2008

I had a fabulous day and feel that I got so much out of it, so thank you.

By Ian  – 03rd June 2008

Thanks for a great day out and I feel I have learned a lot – things you said keep coming back to me as I look back over the day. I also feel a lot more comfortable with the camera having never used it on manual, so I had some really good practice using the exposure triangle under difficult conditions!

By Debbie – 12th May 2008

You have a wonderful website that speaks for itself!!

By Mike – 16th April 2008
I found the course really useful and I have absolutely no doubt that it will help my future photographic efforts.

By Liz – 04th May 2008

Hi you have a wonderful website with some beautiful shots. A pleasure to view. regards Liz

By Jon – 14th April 2008

FB, You are just so brilliant; so much to experience and learn from/with you.

By Alf  – 11th April 2008

thank you for an awesome time, encouraging advice and very useful tips. you were brilliant – so again, Thank you

By Frances – 14th March 2008

I really enjoyed the weekend, and although it was disappointing that sunrise and sunset didn’t work out I thought we had brilliant weather conditions the rest of the time so that made up for it. I also thought your choice of B&B was very good – comfortable and a nice relaxed atmosphere!

By Alison – 15th March 2008

Thanks for a lovely day yesterday. I really enjoyed it.